W9067542 Jman weekly blog week 9

On Monday I made the block-out, low and high poly for the ladder and the metal fence assets and I also looked at one of my artists work and provided feedback.

On Thursday I made the UV shells for both the metal fence and the ladder.

On Wednesday I made the textures for both assets and the material and tested them to see if the material looked right in engine.

On Friday I attended the team lab session and gave feedback where appropriate.






w9067542 Jman Blog Week 8

On Monday I attended the lecture and the weekly team meeting and I got my fence textures finished, then I went through my other textured assets and l made changes to some of them.

On Tuesday I went over and improved some of my textures and I also fixed a scaling issue with my pillar asset.

On Wednesday and Thursday I did work for my other module

On Friday I attended the lab session and went over my textures again and made the materials for them in UE4, and got some more assets that need doing, these being a ladder and metal fence.

W9067542 Jman Blog Week 7

On Monday I improved my medieval house model and also made the required changes to the high poly, so it matches the low poly.

On Tuesday I made the UV’s of the house asset, and then I made the house asset textures. I also started the potion asset and got the high and low poly made.

On Wednesday I made the UV’s for the potion asset then I decided to go back and change the low and high poly, so I had to remake the UV’s. I also made a meeting with the artists where we discussed the new assets.

On Thursday I continued the potion asset and got the textures finished, then I started to make the fence asset and got Block-out, low and high poly done. Also, Justin and I had an issue arise that needed to be sorted, this issue being that the 5th artist in the group had finally showed up, and we had to get her up to speed and give her assets to do, which is something that we will sort out next week as all assets have been assigned.

On Friday I made the UV’s and almost finished the textures for the fence asset. And during the lab session in the morning we had a look and discussed the tutorial level of the game.

W9067542 Jman Blog Week 6

On Monday I started to texture my well asset and got the base of the well textured.

On Tuesday I continued my well textures and got the wooden area and rope textured, and I also textured the spike trap asset.

On Wednesday I finished my well textures and I also got the UV’s and textures of the money bag asset done.

On Thursday me and Justin (design lead) looked at some assets from the other artists and noted some improvements, and I also went through my completed asses and fixed their pivot points (to make the designers’ life easier when building the level) and exported and reuploaded them to the OneDrive folder.

On Friday I imported all my finished textures and assets to a UE4 project and made the materials for each of them and I also fixed some issued with the textures that had I found while making the materials.

On Saturday I was in a call with Justin again and I went through another artists assets and fixed the asset’s pivot points as they needed fixing.

W9067542 Jman Blog Week 5

On Monday I got my coin bag model finished, I also started my well asset and got the model of that finished as well, and I also attended the lecture.

On Tuesday I started my apple asset and got it to the texturing stage and I also attend the tech session

On Wednesday I started the spike trap asset and got the low poly done, and I also started the medieval house asset and got it blocked out.

On Thursday I continued the house asset and got the low and high poly finished

On Friday I textured my apple asset and I also had a look at my already textured assets and improved them.