W9067542 Jman blog week 3

On Monday I went to the lecture and then after that I went to a team meeting and I also got my remade stone pillar textures done.

On Tuesday I got the block out of my wooden chest done and I went to the technical session and had a small lead meeting after it, also I got a asset list from the designers and set a time for us artist to get together and discuss the asset list and assign assets

On Wednesday us artists came together and discussed the asset list and assigned assets and I got the low and high poly of the chest done.

On Thursday I got the UVs and the first version of the textures for the chest done, then not too long after that I did the second version of the chest textures.

On Friday I went to the team lab session and I got the third and final version of the chest textures done, Also I have made my next asset (which is a wooden barrel) and all I have to do now is the UVs and textures.

things to do next week:

  • finish the barrel asset
  • make a chalice asset
  • make a heart/coin asset