W9067542 Jman blog week 2

On Monday I joined a team meeting where we discussed  any further ideas for the game, then I continued the torch asset and got the low and high poly versions finished.

On Tuesday I attended the technical session and Got the UV map for my asset done.

On Wednesday I got the textures for my torch done then after some feedback from the other art students in my group I decided to change the textures slightly to give the asset more wear and to make it look more rough.

On Thursday I made some small changes to the textures on my torch, and decided on my next asset which could be used in the game. This asset would be a stone pillar similar to the ones seen in the NES version of castlevania.

On Friday I joined the teams session for our group and after that I decided to get started on my pillar asset and I managed to get the, blockout, high and low poly, UV map and textures done by the end of the day, but I decided I would change the model and textures  as certain aspects of the model did look very odd so I decided to remove them and as such the textures needed to be changed as well.

On saturday I got the next asset that needed to be done , this being a castle treasure chest.

Goals for next week

  • Get my pillar asset finished
  • get the asset list finalised
  • assign assets to the team