W9067542 Jman Blog Week 1

This week we came together as a group on Thursday and discussed the game, during this discussion we talked about what game we wanted to base ours off and the ideas we have for this game. Also, on Friday during our lab session, we discussed these ideas with our supervisor/tutor and also went over the ICA, also we were assigned a task that is to be done by next weeks lab session. Since I am a games art student, I was to create an asset that could be used within the game. I have currently done mood boards and a block out for this asset, which is a wall mounted medieval style torch. Also, on Saturday me and the two other leads (those being the design and programming leads) came together and discussed the following:

  • The scope of the project as we have a small art team (3 members me included), and we do not want to overwhelm them
  • The roles within each team and how we would assign them
  • The pipelines which each team would follow
  • A way to track the progress of assets
  • A backup system in with the leads would have backups of all of their teams work
  • A slight revision to the team schedule where we would have a team meeting on Monday at 5.10pm instead of Thursday.

Goals for next week:

  • Get my asset finished
  • Finalise the pipeline and get approval from the team
  • Create the asset list (if the designers have the idea list finalised in time)
  • Assign roles within the team