Journeyman Week 11

For the 11th week, both me and another member of Group 6, Cameron Wren, were tasked with the full implementation of the loss state into the master build. We spent around 3 or so hours going through what we needed to get implemented, unfortunately having to deal with my laptop crashing and Unreal Engine freezing on my end. We ended up settling on Cameron adding in the loss state and checkpoint blueprints manually on his end so that it could be added without issue.

I was also tasked with doing the storyboard for the vertical slice of the project, which will be finished by the beginning of week 12.

Journeyman Week 10 & Easter Break

Over the Easter break, I managed to complete research on the loss state but I mainly took time to rest and relax due to stress from work.

For Week 10, I started working on the creation of the loss state in Unreal Engine blueprints using the tutorial that I had found. I also wanted to take another look at the checkpoints to make sure they were working and ended up adding in the loss state to the already established respawn blueprint as the loss state worked fairly well within the checkpoint blueprints.

Journeyman Week 9

For week 9, I was tasked with starting to look at the loss state for the project. This involved researching how this worked and how to implement it into our project. I also wanted to look at finishing with the checkpoint bugs, which I was able to get most of the issues resolved with only a few minor tweaks needed to get it 100% functional.

I began looking at various tutorials online, more specifically YouTube and Unreal forums for the loss state while also looking at how to trigger the loss state screen or, to put it simply, a “You Died” screen.

The next 3 weeks are for Easter, where I will be taking a break for the most part, while also making sure to finish research on the loss state and potentially begin blueprints.