Journeyman Weeks 7 and 8

For week 7, I was tasked to complete the checkpoint toolkit for the game, which initially seemed to work, however, there were a few bugs with this which I have been working on alongside researching moving platforms. By week 8, the moving platforms were decided to be unneccesary for me to do by the leads, therefore, while still trying to fix the checkpoints, my research changed to looking at loss state. By the end of the week, the checkpoint toolkit has had a couple of bug fixes, however, there is still one bug where, once the checkpoint is triggered and a kill switch is activated, the checkpoint creates a second player character that sits in the background. This bug will be fixed by the end of week 9.

Journeyman Weeks 5 and 6

For the majority of week 5 I was extremely ill, meaning I wasn’t able to get much done. However, by the end of the week, I was able to slightly work on the close combat portion, but with only placeholders for animations for the time being. For week 6, I was tasked with simply making sure the close combat was done, as I was still fairly ill, and then starting on a checkpoint toolkit when possible. By the end of the week, the close combat was added to the master build and I have began researching and working on the checkpoint toolkit.