Journeyman Week 9 (28/03/21)

As a group we all started preparations for “spring brake” and letting everyone know if and when we are available for any work needed to be done that’s behind schedule that can be done during our time off.

Journeyman Week 8 (21/03/21)

On the 15th me and Jack proceeded to update the level overview with objectives. before there was too many book collectibles where initially there was twelve we corrected the unit amount to five. At this current time the church has yet to be properly added in engine so we have to wait till a later date to work on that.

Then on the 17th Miguel from programming wanted the designers to make a simple axe mesh to use in game while waiting for art to complete there’s. I stepped up and said ill make the axe mesh and then sent over the mesh to Miguel and then it was added to the “axe throw” mechanic.

On the 21st Jack and I asked our leaders what else needed doing and we where tasked by Kat to start getting clips of game play so that is now one of the new tasks I have now been tasked too.

Journeyman Week 7 (14/03/21)

We are starting to merge our files together to create our game. I started doing a bit of bug testing work and found a few problems and alerted programming of the programs that was messing up. One of the big ones was the camera could get caught on a spinning collectible and make the camera spin around the player character without stopping. Me and Jack where going to continue working on placement of enemies and work together on a new draft of enemy placements but since reiving a medical jab he has fallen ill from the side-effects from said jab, so our work has been delayed to start next week  to ensure that he takes time to recover.

Journeyman Week 6 (07/03/21)

I helped Ian, from programming, with the combo reset mechanic/ animations that play with the continued attacks. By overlooking and using past projects as references to problems I experienced in past modules we found a solution. The solution we found was to ignore the “save attack” program implemented for animations and secondary attacks to take action.

[images given from Ian and allowed by Rob (program leader) to be given to me]

Journeyman Week 5 (28/02/21)

Jack and I held a meeting with Brad from level design talking about what can be improved with the level and talking about ideas on things too add and solution to problems for example to make the game have more platforming segments, in the secret zones they are plat form heavy.

Journeyman Week 4 (20/02/21)

Jack and I continued on the level mission outline, this time in the church where the boss is provided by Iris. We conducted the building to have three stages. Stage one is the player enters the room and kills the enemies to get to a decided priest on the ground by the alter where the player will get holy water and the boss fight phase one begins.

When phase two starts the door to enter will be blocked by debris.  Also the boss will be moving around to attack the player in a “calm and collected” manner. During of which enemies will spawn from the designated points in a random order (too keep player off balance). The player will have to dispose of the waves of enemies while avoiding the manticores attacks then using environmental damage to the boss start the next wave of enemies. There are three waves in total with increasing difficulty. once the boss has be hit three times the boss fight will go to phase two.

Phase three which is the seconded phase of the boss fight with the manticore is more up close and personal. The manticore will go from a “calm” dementor to a more frantic animalistic state. In this phase the ground opens up to pitfalls of which the player will have to platform there way across. While the player is on the side where all the pit falls are the manticore will attack with ranged attacks. When the player is on the platform where the boss is the manticore with use melee attacks to harm the player. After damaging the manticore four times the boss will fall down a pitfall dying on impact and unblocking the exit.

Journeyman Week 3 (11/02/21)

Week three Jack, co-worker with mission design, and I held a meeting on the mission objectives in the first top down drawing of the level layout. We split the map into four areas and planned what was/ could be destructible and placement of enemies and pickups. We made each zone harder than the last and the levels consisting of two mini-bosses. After the meeting the group meeting was held and we discussed about in more detail on how enemies are gonna interact and the types of enemies in the level plus the design of the level had to be changed because the game was being more hack and slash than platformer. (the image floor plan was made by Brad and the writing and key from “objective marker” down was made by Jack, placement of items and ideas in the “objectives” and “notes” where made by both Jack and I)

Journeyman Week 1/2 (25/01/21-04/02/21)

I and the group held two meetings to decide how and in what direction we was going to make the game. In the first week we chose “Castlevania” as the theme of our “coin-op” game and all agreed to look into the game and to pick and bring up things we liked about it. In week two we held a meeting and discussed what we all liked about the game. Others also brought in outside of game info like possible branches we could go lour wise and other aspects that can influence the final projects gameplay and appearance. I brought up what it was like to actually play the game and told them that the animations for attacking need to be quick so not to annoy the player with a attack animation that by the time it goes off the enemies are too far away.

In the end we concluded that the game was going to take place in a three-dimensional level in line with more modern day “Castlevania” games and the rough time period would take place around the 1800’s. The location of the game was to be in a graveyard and church consisting of three different enemy types and a boss fight. In the lab session we continued the base game and level idea and added that we might add a few environmental hazards to the player but they have yet to be put in stone with those ideas.

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