Journeyman Week 11 (03/05/21)

In this weeks meeting, I was requested to make visual effect for the enemies and weaponry. The list that was provided was; to make a fireball for the ranged enemy, both mid-flight and possibly collision, fire for the holy water and a dust/ disintegrating effect when the enemy dies. I was also told to add in items that I think would improve the game.

I made a google doc and made a list of what was asked and added a separate category underneath the original requests highlighting what Jack and I thought of, that way we can accurately record who gave what idea; the leads, me or jack

The table to plan out the meshes are separated into three categories; “Task”, “Complete?” and “Creator”. The fire-ball impact was suggested at the meeting but was labelled as a low-moderate task so it will be taken on if other tasks are completed.

Task Complete? Creator
Fire-ball (blue) mid flight no Jack
Fire-ball (blue) impact against object no
Enemy death dust yes kai
Fire from bottle no Jack
blood from enemy wounds (splatter effect) somewhat kai
Fog no Jack

The first effect I started was the blood effect. This was made using the colours of black and white as numbers 0 and 1. Using that and making a “normal map” to work along side the image adding depth. Then using the velocity and colour I was able to make this effect.

After the blood effect was made I proceeded to make a disintegrate effect. This was done by making a “Material function.” What the function does is using scalier and vector values to make the values of the emissive colour and opacity mask using a image that is plugged in as the reference. It follows the values of RGB and it only follows the values of R. As the value in “amount” increases the more of R is used to erase the mesh. Once the effect mesh was complete I needed to add it to the enemies.

A timeline was added to the death sequence of the enemy. It is set to make the “amount” value to 1 in 0.8 seconds. As that is playing I have also added a delay function to the “destroy actor” function so the animation can play out and finish ad the actor is removed from the played state of the game.