Journeyman Week 8 (21/03/21)

On the 15th me and Jack proceeded to update the level overview with objectives. before there was too many book collectibles where initially there was twelve we corrected the unit amount to five. At this current time the church has yet to be properly added in engine so we have to wait till a later date to work on that.

Then on the 17th Miguel from programming wanted the designers to make a simple axe mesh to use in game while waiting for art to complete there‚Äôs. I stepped up and said ill make the axe mesh and then sent over the mesh to Miguel and then it was added to the “axe throw” mechanic.

On the 21st Jack and I asked our leaders what else needed doing and we where tasked by Kat to start getting clips of game play so that is now one of the new tasks I have now been tasked too.