Journeyman Week 4 (20/02/21)

Jack and I continued on the level mission outline, this time in the church where the boss is provided by Iris. We conducted the building to have three stages. Stage one is the player enters the room and kills the enemies to get to a decided priest on the ground by the alter where the player will get holy water and the boss fight phase one begins.

When phase two starts the door to enter will be blocked by debris.  Also the boss will be moving around to attack the player in a “calm and collected” manner. During of which enemies will spawn from the designated points in a random order (too keep player off balance). The player will have to dispose of the waves of enemies while avoiding the manticores attacks then using environmental damage to the boss start the next wave of enemies. There are three waves in total with increasing difficulty. once the boss has be hit three times the boss fight will go to phase two.

Phase three which is the seconded phase of the boss fight with the manticore is more up close and personal. The manticore will go from a “calm” dementor to a more frantic animalistic state. In this phase the ground opens up to pitfalls of which the player will have to platform there way across. While the player is on the side where all the pit falls are the manticore will attack with ranged attacks. When the player is on the platform where the boss is the manticore with use melee attacks to harm the player. After damaging the manticore four times the boss will fall down a pitfall dying on impact and unblocking the exit.