Journeyman Week 1/2 (25/01/21-04/02/21)

I and the group held two meetings to decide how and in what direction we was going to make the game. In the first week we chose “Castlevania” as the theme of our “coin-op” game and all agreed to look into the game and to pick and bring up things we liked about it. In week two we held a meeting and discussed what we all liked about the game. Others also brought in outside of game info like possible branches we could go lour wise and other aspects that can influence the final projects gameplay and appearance. I brought up what it was like to actually play the game and told them that the animations for attacking need to be quick so not to annoy the player with a attack animation that by the time it goes off the enemies are too far away.

In the end we concluded that the game was going to take place in a three-dimensional level in line with more modern day “Castlevania” games and the rough time period would take place around the 1800’s. The location of the game was to be in a graveyard and church consisting of three different enemy types and a boss fight. In the lab session we continued the base game and level idea and added that we might add a few environmental hazards to the player but they have yet to be put in stone with those ideas.