Introduction to Biomechanics in Sports and Exercise

It’s our pleasure to introduce the Introduction to Biomechanics in sports and exerciseWorkshop to all the professionals and students alike this Nov 12, 2017, Sunday at HABLIS HOTEL, Guindy, Chennai.

Course Content


  • Introduction to biomechanics (Theory and discussion)

  • Importance of Biomechanics in movements (Theory and discussion)

  • Biomechanical concepts (Theory and discussion)

  • Application of biomechanical concepts in human movements (discussion and Practical)

  • Factors affecting human movements (Theory, discussion and Practical)

  • Exercise and sports movements (Theory, discussion and Practical)

  • Overcome the challenges (discussion and Practical)

  • Injury prevention, common mistakes and performance enhancement (Discussion and Practical)




Introduction to Biomechanics in SPORTS & EXERCISE

Introduction to Biomechanics in SPORTS & EXERCISE





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