Clothing-Accessories and its effect on myofascial pain

    Many researchers have published in detail about the Myofascial pain. While very less people have identified the external wears (clothing and accessories) and its impact on the Myofascial pain onset. It is proved that any restriction to the normal range of movement will produce the trigger points that are the key factor of the Myofascial pain.

    Myofascial pain can occur anywhere in the body while primarily concentrates on muscles and fascia. The Myofascial pain can cause a variety of symptoms ranging from muscular pains that are steady, aching, and deep to headaches, jaw pain, irritable bowel syndrome, painful periods, joint pain and tinnitus (to name a few). The intensity can range from mild discomfort to agonizing pain.

   There are certain clothing and accessories that can create or worsen Myofascial pain. To name some
1. Shoes
2. Tight jeans/pants/leggings
3. Tight fitting inners
4. Heavy side bags/purses
5. Wallet in the back pocket
6. Hair ties
We shall discuss and post about each in every single post elaborately


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