Quafit Certified Aquatic Fitness Instructor Course

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA  Must HOLD Current CPR Certification from a Recognised Institution or Organisation. Please note your QUAFIT Certification stands cancelled without a valid CPR/BLS Certification. However, the CPR Certifiaction is included in the course. Fitness professionals Personal Trainer Strength and Conditioning Specialists Physiotherapist Student … Continue reading



It has been long since the term “Illegal bowling action” being mentioned in the domestic and international cricket. However, people (General audience and the cricketers) are unaware about the exact meaning of it. If a person is flexing (bending) his/her elbow it doesn’t mean the action is illegal, while the extension (Straightening) of the elbow that exceeds the 15 Degree limit is called the illegal bowling action. As a part of ICC bowling action analysis team I (Vasanth Kumar) will be explaining the exact scenario that is categorized as illegal bowling action in the forthcoming publications from the ICC point of view.


(Detailed explanation on this topic will be published soon.)

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Consuming fat turns you a fluffy, fatty person? That has been a question for decades. Does obesity really has anything to do with eating fats? Let us get a in-depth look at the fat, in addition to the proven research … Continue reading

Why does most of the Diet fails!

Author: Kumar, Vasanth (Sports Scientist – Performance Coach)             Have you ever wondered why “dieting” Fails? If you have this question here is the answer that you have searched for all years long. “Scientists say that human body were genetically designed … Continue reading