Middlesbrough Mayor says Investment Prospectus will “build town’s long-term future”


Middlesbrough town centre

Mayor of Middlesbrough, Dave Budd, holding the Investment Prospectus.

A new project has been launched to transform Middlesbrough into the “town centre of Teesside.”

The Investment Prospectus is a £74 million plan with the aim of improving the conditions of Middlesbrough town and regenerating the area as a whole.

With recent negative media coverage calling the town “the worst place to live in the UK”, the new plans for transformation could not come at a better time.

Dave Budd, Mayor of Middlesbrough, who is one of the leaders overseeing the project, said: “We are the on the verge of an important new era which will build Middlesbrough’s heritage and the town’s long-term future as the city at the heart of the Tees Valley.”

Plans are currently well underway for a snow centre at Middlehaven, expanded office space at Centre Square, a Media and Innovation Village, as well as a new student village for Teesside University.

TSide had the opportunity to interview the Mayor of Middlesbrough and asked him about the goals for the Investment Prospectus and what it will bring for Teesside University.

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Teesside Cricketers ready for Varsity clash

Teesside Cricketers are looking to take the bragging rights when they go up against neighbours Sunderland in this week’s varsity competition.

Teesside University Men’s cricket squad.

The Teessiders will take on Sunderland for the first time in over three years.

Teesside men’s captain Luke Kenning is looking forward to the clash.

He said: ” It’s going to be a new challenge and a test for the club moving forward.”

“I’m happy at the fact we have two teams who are both looking very strong.”

The squad has been practicing  hard ahead of Wednesday’s fixture.

Luke said: “We have been preparing in winter nets by batting and bowling to scenarios we’ve set for different stages of varsity.”

“We have also been practicing fielding with an indoor ball, this is so we get used to the harder plastic ball for indoors.

” I don’t really know much about Sunderland University. However, James Houmark our chairman knows their squad very well, so I will be looking for his expertise at times on Wednesday.”

Teesside Mens cricket team in practice.

The match will take place at Middlesbrough Sports Village between 3pm and 5pm.

The annual Tees Wear Varsity sees sports teams from across the university take on Sunderland University in various sports, check out the link for more details.

Teesside Squads:


Luke Kenning (C)

Richard Mains (WK)

Sam Everett

Subhaan Ali

Henry Moore

James Houmark


Billy Ahmed (C)

Alex Wilman

Alan Lofthouse

Jake Tibbetts

Niparson Arulthas

Esam Abdusamad

Keep an eye on Tside for a match report from Wednesday’s Varsity fixture or check out twitter for updates throughout the day.



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