Student Drivers Claim Parking Problems on Campus

This is the familiar sign students claim to face when trying to find onsite parking.


Student drivers at Teesside University claim they regularly cannot find a parking space on campus when arriving to attend lectures.

This is despite having been allocated a valid parking permit.

The alleged parking problem has been raised on several occasions with the University’s Students Union.

Union President Bruna Silva, said: “We regularly gather feedback from students and parking does come up as an issue for some students.”

However, the University’s Head of Security and Parking, Stuart Jones, said students need to be more realistic in their expectations of being allocated a guaranteed parking place.

He said: “We are a town centre university and the confines of space from the surrounding residential areas means there is just very limited scope to expand the on campus parking.”


Head of Security and Parking Stuart Jones feels students need to be “more realistic in their expectations”.


Students  also claim that when trying to use parking facilities on campus they are confronted with a range of additional problems including:

  • Areas cordoned off.
  • Ticket machines which are ‘out of order’.
  • Risk of being blocked in as people try to get parked.
  • Being unable to purchase tickets as machines reject money.

Figures provided by the University’s Student Services Department highlight the potential parking problem.

There are currently 1,708 parking permits which have been issued with 745 parking places available on site.

MA exercise student Robbie Dawson claims he has experienced problems in the past when trying to park on site.

He said: “Even when arriving early there were times when being unable to park resulted in me being late or in some cases missing lectures.”



Robbie Dawson,21, claims he has had problems parking.

Mr Jones said having a permit was not a guarantee of a parking place.

He said: “It is the same situation for staff.”

“I pay £244 per year for my parking permit and I am still not guaranteed a spot.”

Mr Jones encouraged students to make use of the University’s Cannon Park park and ride scheme which he feels has helped to reduce congestion on campus.

He said: “This takes more cars away from the town centre and is more environmentally friendly, fulfilling the University’s corporate responsibility to reduce the use of cars and carbon emissions.”

MA Public Relations student Lucy Thompson praised the park and ride alternative.

She said: “I park at Cannon Park all the time. I have had no issues. It provides a very good service.”

Miss Silva accepted the problems experienced by students were likely to continue but said the Students’ Union was working with the University to resolve the situation.

She said: “There is never going to be a perfect solution regards parking on a busy and ever developing campus such as this.”

“We always work with departments and staff to address any concerns that have been raised.”

“We will continue to work closely with the University on this issue.”

If you have an opinion on the alleged University parking issue or have experienced problems yourself then add your comments on the situation in the space provided.

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