Dance students showcase their talents

Dance students showed off their talents at a special event on campus

University dance students  organized a special  event to showcase their talents.

The event, named ‘Snowfall Showcase’, was held to show the student’s work to an audience.

The students had planned and practiced their performance many times, before displaying it at Teesside’s Mercuria Building .

There was a total of nine dance acts performed for the audience, by first, second and third year students.

Each act was unique and portrayed themes, and dancing styles to create a story.

Selected music and costume design was also used in the performances.

The dance students families and friends were invited to watch the show.

Teachers and students of Teesside University were also invited.

Audience members were  given a leaflet with the act’s names and which students choreographed and  were performing in each dance.  Information about the acts and other credits were included too.

Studnts Jai Pillai and Dawn Ashley both performed in the ‘Street Dance’ and ‘Lyrical Jazz Piece’ acts.

Jai said: “Mentally preparing yourself takes a quite long process because you have to get in the zone of dance before you perform.”

Jai Pillai, is a second year dance student at Teesside University.

“I chose Teesside because a lot of the lecturers are very open minded.

“And over here (Teesside) when I first auditioned, I don’t feel like an object.

“Other universities that I have chosen, they put a number on you, and then when you get selected you perform. And you just feel like an object, because you have that number on.

“Over here they treat you like an individual, because it is such a small group as well.”

Dawn said as a dancer she was a late developer.

She said: “I probably began when I was about seventeen, I was quite a late starter.”

Dawn Ashley, is a second year dance student at Teesside University.

“I think it is  fun the fact that you have the costumes really, that you’re coming out in.

“I think that puts a smile on my face straight away, so that for me is my most fun moment.

“You go into character when you perform, so that for me, is the fun part.”

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