A close shave for charity.

Two brave women have shaved their heads to raise money for female refugees.

Friends Erin Burton and Sarah Bredin-Kemp  had joked about shaving their heads for some time when they asked themselves: ‘Why don’t we do this together and for a good cause?’

Erin and Sarah’s promotional photo for the fundraising.

So Erin and Sarah joined together to raise money for a charity called ‘Loving Humanity‘.

Loving Humanity is a non-profit organisation which was created out of our desire to support the Syrian refugees.

They are passionate about the health and wellbeing of girls and women in the refugee camps.

Amy Peake founded the charity in 2014 and their aim is to reduce health problems associated with the lack of good quality and affordable sanitary pads.

“We aim to restore dignity and create social uplift by creating employment for groups of women refugees,” She said.

Loving Humanity’s list of aims are:

  • To buy and install machines that make sanitary towels and incontinence pads in Za’atari refugee camp.
  • To employ and teach a group of women to use the machines.
  • To manufacture reusable nappies for those suffering from incontinence.
  • To reduce health problems, restore dignity and create social uplift.

Sarah had done a lot of research on their chosen charity Loving Humanity before donating – it is a cause that both girls are passionate about and one that deserves much more publicity and support.

Sarah said: “I’d seen collections for people taking supplies to the Jungle camp in Calais which were asking for sanitary products, and I’d also seen similar projects for homeless women in the UK.”

“While they seemed good ideas, when I found Loving Humanity it was really cool to see a sustainable investment element rather than just a one-time donation.”

“Also the fact that Loving Humanity make incontinence pads too is really important because so many people have PTSD from their experiences which can lead to incontinence.”

Sarah and Erin decided to set up a JustGiving page in order to gain sponsorships for shaving their heads with all money raised going to the charity.

Erin and Sarah’s target was to raise £500 for the charity, but they made over £1, 200 instead with thanks to generous donations from friends, family and strangers.

To raise awareness of their good deeds, Erin set up a livestream on Facebook of the two of them shaving their heads, which was viewed by over 400 people.

The first shave!

Erin said: “The easy part was shaving our heads but the hard part was getting grief from people around us.”



Erin and Sarah after the shave!


Sarah said: “What we’ve done is just the tiniest drop in the ocean but hopefully it’s something.”

They would encourage anybody to do the same, especially with a lesser known charity.

“Don’t be afraid to challenge people’s perceptions.” Erin added.


You can still donate through the girls’ JustGiving page or by visiting Loving Humanity’s website.

from Tside