Teesside University Cougars’ Edinburgh Upset

(Courtesy of Teesside University Cougars)

(Courtesy of Teesside University Cougars)

Injuries to key players led the Teesside University Cougars American football team  to lose their latest game against the Edinburgh Predators.

The Cougars were in high spirits as they headed to Edinburgh for the second time this season after their close loss to Edinburgh Napier in their first game with a score line of 13-0.

Following a late kick off, the Cougars were up against a fierce opposition and were plagued by injuries with six key players being forced to leave the pitch early.

One such player was George Bannon who was stretchered off the field after sustaining an impact injury to his right knee

This loss of first string players saw the Cougars scoreless by half time.

The Cougars did however manage to get on the scoreboard, coming into the second half with a renewed energy.

This energy was not enough to make a come back however and the match ended with a score line of 41-eight.

Taylor Shepherd, a rookie defensive lineman was playing in the game.

He said: “We went to Edinburgh complaicant.”

“We just turned on too late to change it around.”

Defensive line co-ordinator, Kristian Bover, said: “I think it was disappointing to have traveled so far to have earned so little but I think it was a good learning experience for the rookies.”

“If each man doesn’t give 100% then the team will crumble and I hope all the rookies took a hard lesson away from that.”

Despite coming home with a loss, the Cougars are determined to spring back in the New Year.
Head Coach, Chris Scrace,  said: “We’ve been hit hard, now lets show the character to keep moving forward.”


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