Breakin’ Outta Hell: After a three-year wait, Airbourne fans get their fix of hard, loud metal

Album Breakin’ Outta Hell
Band Airbourne
Genre Hard Rock
Tside Rating: Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5

ECCENTRIC Aussie rockers Airbourne are back with their latest record, Breakin’ Outta Hell.

Kicking things off with the title track ‘Breakin’ Outta Hell’, the band are out to prove once again that they are Down Under’s hard rock kings.

It’s a trend that continues for the majority of the album, only dipping slightly over the course of the record.

Airbourne have never strayed too far from their raw, AC/DC-style, sound, and the trend continues with their newest release.

Despite this, the album resembles earlier work such as ‘Runnin’ Wild’ more than that of the band’s previous effort, ‘Black Dog Barking’.

Expect to hear fast, palm-muted open notes thrown in alongside the usual power chords and melodies.

Joel O’Keeffe’s vocals are as strong as ever, and still infuse growls and roars not dissimilar to the late, great Bon Scott.

Guitar work continues to be simple yet powerfully effective as tracks vary from fast to mid-tempo, but always remain loud.

Airbourne frontman Joel O'Keeffe performing in Prestatyn, Wales.

BLACK DOG BARKING: Airbourne front man Joel O’Keeffe performing in Prestatyn, Wales.

It’s a tried and tested formula that has always worked for the band – and it’s clear they have no intentions of mixing it up just yet.

Unlike ‘Runnin’ Wild’, a record that doesn’t let up from start to end, ‘Breakin’ Outta Hell’ slows things down a couple of times, which shows that the band are attempting to slightly diversify their style, but unfortunately they haven’t quite got it yet. Slower tracks such as ‘Rivalry’ remain hard and loud, but just don’t sound as intense when driving or at the gym.

Though it’s not their greatest work to date, the record still contains enough adrenaline and firepower to give fans the Airbourne fix they’ve waited three years for, and is certainly a worthy successor to 2013’s ‘Black Dog Barking’.

Track Listing:

No. Title Length
1. “Breakin’ Outta Hell” 3:53
2. “Rivalry” 4:03
3. “Get Back Up” 3:38
4. “It’s Never Too Loud for Me” 3:24
5. “Thin the Blood” 3:29
6. “I’m Going to Hell for This” 3:45
7. “Down On You” 4:19
8. “Never Been Rocked Like This” 3:07
9. “When I Drink I Go Crazy” 2:41
10. “Do Me Like You Do Yourself” 3:58
11. “It’s All for Rock N’ Roll” 3:39

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