Teesside’s ‘snooze room’ officially opens


Teesside students can now catch up on their sleep with the introduction of The Snooze Room.

The room first open earlier this year, but has now officially gained its own permanent residence within the Student’s Union after receiving positive response from Teesside students.

Teesside University Students Union was the first in the North East and only the second in the UK to open a ‘snooze room’.

Georgina Arksey, Vice-President of Welfare at the SU,  said: “There was a lot of research done the previous year and it has been proven that a 20-30 minute nap does help a student’s brain to re-boost. So bringing in a snooze room, it gives that gap in the day to have a nap if you need it.”

“Other Student’s Unions have got in touch to see how they can lobby their University’s to say yes to a room.”

Product Design student, Jo Beckworth, 20, said: “I find it useful, especially for people on placements or who have lectures for them to come in and it’s a place they can go, have a bit of a nap and then feel energised to go back and do their studies.”

Melissa Clarke, 18, who is studying Criminology,  said: ” It’s useful between lectures so you don’t always have to go back to your accommodation.”


Students can now catch up on a nap in the ‘snooze room’.


There is both a male and female room, that includes beanbags, lockers, eye-masks and ear plugs to get a well needed rest.

The Snooze Room is  open 12pm-4pm, Monday to Friday and is located on 2nd floor of the Student’s Union.

Students can book a 45 minute slot at the Student’s Union welcome desk (1st floor).


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