Swiss Army Man – Review


 Movie Title: Swiss Army Man
Director: Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert
Release Date: 30/09/16
Tside Rating: Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5

IT may sound clichéd but Swiss Army Man is quite simply a film like no other.


It tells the story of the weird and wonderful journey home of a stranded and suicidal Hank (Paul Dano) and an incredible dead body known only as Manny (Daniel Radcliffe), who like the knife, has a number of abilities used to help Hank head home.

What follows is over an hour-and-a-half of joyous lunacy, sombre madness and preposterous hilarity.

As soon as the film begins you can tell this is going to be something completely different to the endless stream of remakes, sequels and god damn super hero movies.

It opens with Paul Dano’s character, Hank, who’s alone on a desert island and on the verge of suicide when he notices a dead body wash up on the beach.

As Hank approaches the cadaver, played by Daniel Radcliffe, the corpse begins farting. In the only natural response to this, Hank decides to ride the lifeless body like a jet-ski, propelled by a continual stream of farts!

I know this sounds daft and scarcely believable, but please bear with me!


Lead characters Hank (Paul Dano), left and Manny (Daniel Radcliffe), right

The film’s directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known simply as ‘Daniels’, have done a wonderful job in bringing their crazy vision to life and making the film an enjoyable experience.

The cinematography is nothing too ground breaking, although due to the surreal nature of the movie it is forgivable, as simple visuals allows focus on the characters at the heart of the delightful, yet melancholy story.

Even though the premise is  bonkers, it has a loveable charm and feel-good factor, thanks in no small part to the two starring actors, Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe.

The roles they play could not be more  ‘out there’, but their on screen chemistry really does bring the whole film together and very few actors could perform their roles quite as well.

Credit has to go to Radcliffe as his performance is a cut above anything he’s done before, not least since the conclusion of the Harry Potter series.


Manny, the Swiss Army Man, portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe

Despite being absolutely crazy, ridiculously stupid and downright bizarre, Swiss Army Man is a funny, heartwarming and sorrowful film which stands alone . It truly is a breath of fresh-air in the current cinema landscape.


Swiss Army Man was released on September 30.


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The Red Shed comes to The Arc

MARK Thomas has carved out an impressive comedy career.

The London-born comedian is known for pointing the finger at society and the people at the top of government and large corporations, and this November he is bringing his new show to The Arc in Stockton.

Mark Thomas outside The Red Shed

Mark Thomas outside The Red Shed

Mark is a political satirist, journalist, author, political activist and comedian. Bringing all these roles into one show which is billed as “an odd mix of theatre, stand up, activism, a dash of journalism and a dollop of mayhem.”

The Red Shed is named after the large (47 x 18 foot) socialist club in Wakefield, which is painted red.

This was where Mark, 52, began his career into comedy. Being a drama student at the nearby Bretton Hall college, The Red Shed was Marks first live performance.

The venue is now celebrating its 50th birthday and the show tells the story about Marks time at The Red Shed, the people he met there and the work it did to help the community who were struggling with the miners strike at the time.

But Mark did give a word of warning about his show; “If you are wanting a stand up show, this isn’t it. This is a theatre, stand up, it’s journalism. If you watch Dave more than 3 times a week, don’t come, it’s not for you. This show is something you have never seen before”.

The show has already won awards during its time at this years Fringe festival in Edinburgh from The Stage.

The Red Shed will be at The Arc in Stockton on 1st November, priced £16.



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Bake Off Takes Off with Students

WITH its dynamic duo hosts, endless witty innuendos and fabulous array of baked delights, it might be imagined that The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) would command a strictly older audience.

But students, it seems, can’t get enough of the weekly cake fest – tuning in in their millions to catch up on the goings on inside the Bake Off tent.



What’s most surprising about this quaint and lovable baking show is the audience that it attracts. A huge proportion of the viewership of this show are people of the 18-35 age range, on a channel which is primarily viewed by those 65 and over.

For GBBO to achieve this, is a huge achievement and its success has also been boosted by their younger audience as every Wednesday the internet explodes with people talking about the most recent episode which has helped attract new viewers year-on-year.

The first episode of series seven attracted 11.2 million viewers on the night of its broadcast, just under half of the total TV audience. The only thing that has attained more viewers this year was the final of Euro 2016 in July.


So, what makes the show as popular as it is and what is it that appeals to the younger members of it’s audience?

Victoria Milner, 20, a teaching student and avid GBBO watcher said: “Well it’s not your standard cooking show, they have actually made it so it appeals to pretty much everyone.

“Mel and Sue are hilarious, Paul and Mary are like an old married couple and the mix of contestants are always varied yet they all get on so well.

“Oh and obviously the food is amazing.”

On September 12 2016 it was announced that the show will be moving to Channel 4 after they managed to outbid the BBC for the rights of the show.

This has triggered an uproar amongst fans as they believe that the show is doomed to fail on Channel 4 with Mel, Sue and octogenarian judge, Mary Berry, all leaving the show to stay with the BBC.

Victoria thinks that the change is an outrage which will lose viewers.

“They’ve lost pretty much everything that makes the show what it is, so I highly doubt I will be watching,” she added.

With the final of the current series due to be aired on October 26, the whole country is on tenterhooks to see who of the three finalists will come out on top in the last episode to be broadcast on the BBC.

Whether or not the show lives on over on Channel 4 is yet to be seen.



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Sunday Girls’ editor talks A Girl from Boro, Issue 3 and the future


MEETING Abi for the first time, I was stunned at how down to earth she was.

Fashionably minimal with a strong head on her shoulders, she laughed as she described Sunday Girl which began as a university final project became a reality when her Instagram started getting major hits.

However Abi recalls her radio interview at BBC Tees as the real turning point, with distribution deals and advertising following soon after. Now Sunday Girl is stocked in retailers nationwide.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Never before seen shots of Issue 3

PHOTOGRAPHY: Never before seen shots of Issue 3

Sunday Girl is designed for women who are ambitious, forward thinking and creative. They dislike gossip mags and ‘celeb’ culture and couldn’t care less about the gap between their thighs. They believe in equality and looks for a magazine to cater that.

Having interned at Vogue and Cosmopolitan, Abi is knowledgeable about the magazine industry and uses that to her advantage.

She said: “I guess my biggest piece of advice for university students is to  intern, intern and intern. Learn from the professionals while you still have all these amazing grants available!”

Despite the recent Girl from Boro scandal, Sunday Girl shows us that Middlesbrough isn’t everything you see or read in the paper. It’s more than that.

When talking Abi declared her pride for her hometown and won’t let any press sway her otherwise.

“My life is pretty kick ass and I’m well on track to achieving my goal, she added.

“I’ve lived in Surrey for 3 years whilst at uni and I was always happy to come home. The girls I met there were no happier than us!”

With Issue 3 hot off the presses she is particularly excited about the latest magazine, picking out her favourite bits and sharing stories from the photoshoots. It’s like her baby and when you think about the creative process that has went behind it, you can understand why.

EDITOR: Abi at the House of Blah Blah Issue 3 launch

EDITOR: Abi at the House of Blah Blah Issue 3 launch

“I wanted this issue to be strong, stronger than the rest anyway. I strived to champion our gender and tackle issues we’re faced with.

“My aim is to make the girls who read feel enlightened and educated by all the strong women featured.

“I want people to understand that we should not only be inspired by women who ruled the world before us, but that we should all rule the world.”

Full of trendy fashion tips, locally sourced models and a launch party to envy all at House of Blah Blah, Abi is planning to source more advertising and sponsors for Issue 4.


issue-3-sunday-girlHowever, even she recognises her downfalls. Finance and admin are the bane of her life, but that’s something that she’s grasping every single day.

It’s that refreshing attitude that’s inspiring to all students and shows young entrepreneurs that, with a little hard work, your idea can be a nationwide success.

It’s that grit that makes Sunday Girl a massive success; we’re looking forward to more editions in the future

You can buy Sunday Girl online or in WHSmiths and Selfridges.

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Liam Gallagher looks forward to second Oasis film as he relives `euphoric’ rise of the Britpop generation at Supersonic premier in Manchester

Were you a teenager in the ‘90s? Probably not. As a 14-15 year-old growing up in a changing music scene,  Oasis provided the soundtrack to my childhood and became an influential part of my youth.

From iconic anthems, style, attitude and a sense of pushing boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour of the generation, two brothers from Manchester changed the world forever.

Now a new documentary has hit the cinema covering the early years of the Oasis legend. But this is far from a glossy view from the band.

“Supersonic” is set from conception of the band in 1993, until their massive 1996 Knebworth gig – three years in the life of one of the biggest and most influential bands in UK pop history.

I received my tickets for the Manchester premiere and it came with a live Q&A with the “Manc Jesus” himself – Liam Gallagher- and the director of the film, Mat Whitecross. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

Tickets in hand for Supersonic premiere

Tickets in hand for Supersonic premiere

The heady mixture of animation, striking imagery, a heavy dose of Oasis anthems and narration from all the band members (even the ones who were thrown out) allowed the story come to life. Noel and Liam are both executive producers on the film and made the story a full-blown “warts and all”  documentary.

From the fights, arguments and strokes of musical genius to the massive laughs when Noel remembers telling his (then) girlfriend that he had just signed his first record deal (no spoilers), this film delivers all the memories and moments in their history in a form of therapy for all its members. Allowing them to finally get their side of the story on the record and being extremely honest about all the drugs, drink and wild exploits of the band.

Liam came up to the stage, following the film, and was greeted by a roar of cheers and a standing ovation. The Q&A session was to be a pre-arranged (selected) questions which we had to submit before the film. But this soon went out of the window as scores of people began shouting out questions.

Countdown to the Supersonic premiere.

Countdown to the Supersonic premiere.

Liam appeared genuinely overwhelmed having been to the London premiere a few hours previously and then helicoptering over to Manchester for its true reception. When quizzed on the location of his brother Noel, Liam replied: “He’ll be in one of his massive houses. Eating tofu and having a face peel”. He also seemed happy with the film stopping at their 1996 gig at Knebworth. “We can do another one now. The downfall of Oasis, which will be equally as f**king entertaining, if not better. If you’re gonna lose the plot, lose if properly.”

Director  Mat Whitecross. Someone who is known for his music films (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Spike Island), he even directed the other famous Manchester band, Take That, for their music video The Flood. He explained in the Q&A that apprehensive working with the brothers; “It was amazing. I was absolutely sh*tting myself going into it because you should never meet your heroes. Growing up I had the albums and the posters on the wall, just stepping into a room with the two of them was freaking me out. But they instantly put me to ease, they were cool.” He added that the majority of the footage and stories came from the brothers’ mother, Peggy. “If we could have done a director’s cut of just Peggy’s bits, we would have seven or eight hours of footage. Maybe if someone would pay me to do that next.”

The premiere was filled with A-List, B-List and wannabe celebrities from Manchester folklore. From numerous cousins of the Gallagher brothers and X-Factor has-beens, to influential music moguls and even Badly Drawn Boy (remember him?).

I was seated in front of Paul Gallagher, the third and lesser known brother, and this allowed a dimension to the film which should be recorded for the extras on the DVD. Paul gave a full running commentary to the film, whether we wanted it or not. Adding his thoughts on the events unfolding on screen and then even shouting out at parts he totally disagreed with.

Paul Arthurs (AKA Bonehead) also attended the premiere, along with his family. He was sat up near the back of the theatre and after the film the crowd began to chant that he was there. Suddenly Liam asked if he could come down to the stage and the pair were again reunited. Having seen him earlier in the night, I did make a comment that I thought that Dave Lamb (Come Dine with Me) had arrived.

Paul Arthurs (AKA Bonehead) joins Liam Gallagher on stage.

Paul Arthurs (AKA Bonehead) joins Liam Gallagher on stage.

Overall the film will stand as a snap shot of a period in the British rock hall of fame. In just three years, the band formed, made it big, imploded, shaped the world and then left us wanting more. Liam Gallagher summed up the film afterwards perfectly; “I love the film. It’s emotional, it’s great and all that. There’s some sad bits. There’s some bullsh*t between me and our kid. But the majority of it, when you slice it f*cking open, it’s euphoric and I love it.”

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Campus Sports Results Round-Up: Week One – 15/10/16

With 23 teams entered into various sports for the 2016/17 season, Teesside University is set for another busy sporting year.

Fifteen squads played their respective season openers last Wednesday, with Teesside recording a very respectable 47% win percentage.

Tside is on hand to give you a round-up of all the results from the hectic Wednesday afternoon fixtures.

Week One: 12/10/16

Badminton (Men’s)

Teesside University Men’s 1st   1-7   Durham University Men’s 3rd – Northern 4B

Basketball (Men’s)

Teesside University Men’s 1st  50-55   Durham University Men’s 2nd – Northern 2B

Basketball (Women’s) 

Teesside University Women’s 1st  w/0 –   Sheffield Hallam University Women’s 2nd – Northern 2B

Teesside awarded walkover as Hallam unable to field team

Football (Men’s) 

Sheffield Hallam Univeristy Men’s 2nd  3-3  Teesside Univeristy Men’s 1st – Northern 3B


Teesside University’s 1st team face-off against Sheffield Hallam

Teesside University Men’s 2nd  7-3  University of Sunderland Men’s 2nd – Northern 5B

Teesside University Men’s 3rd  8-1  University of Sunderland Men’s 4th – Northern 6D

Football (Women’s) 

Teesside University Women’s 1st  13-1  University of Bradford Women’s 1st – Northern 3B

Hockey (Men’s) 

Teesside University Men’s 1st  2-5  Durham University Men’s 5th – Tier 5 North East

Hockey (Women’s) 

Teesside University Women’s 1st  2-2  Leeds Beckett University Women’s 1st – Northern 4B

Netball (Women’s)

Leeds Trinity University Women’s 2nd  36-44  Teesside University Women’s 1st – Northern 7B

University of Sunderland Women’s 2nd  38-26  Teesside University Women’s 2nd – Northern 8B


Teesside University Women’s 1st team take on Leeds Trinity

Rugby Union (Men’s)

Teesside University Men’s 1st  24-5  University of York Men’s 3rd – Northern 5B

Table Tennis (Men’s)

Leeds Beckett University Men’s 1st  13-4  Teesside University Men’s 1st – Northern 3B

Tennis (Men’s)

Teesside University Men’s 1st  4-8  University of York Men’s 2nd – Northern 4B

Volleyball (Men’s)

Leeds Beckett University Men’s 1st  3-1  Teesside University Men’s 1st – Northern 2B


Teesside men’s volleyball side were narrowly defeated by Leeds Beckett


To view next Wednesday’s fixtures click here!








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Journey to Justice comes to Teesside University


In celebration of Teesside University’s Black History Month, Journey to Justice has set up it’s exhibition in the Brittan Hall.

The opening night was attended by a variety of North East press, with Middlesbrough FC defender, Curtis Fleming launching the exhibition.

Focusing on the 1960’s period of civil rights unrest in the US, the multimedia gallery strives to educate onlookers on the lesser known men, women and children also fighting for equality.

RUBY BRIDGES: Ruby has since written various books about her struggles

RUBY BRIDGES: Ruby has since written various books about her struggles

Among these figures is six -year- old Ruby Bridges, the first African American to pass the New Orleans test allowing her to attend an all-white elementary school.

On her first day all pupils and teachers walked out in protest leaving only Barbara Henry, who taught her alone regardless of the animosity.

Despite the public mobbing, endless threats and childhood counselling, Ruby never missed a day of school.

“The exhibition is about those ‘so called’ ordinary men, women and children who’s names aren’t well known in society.” says Carrie Supple, Journey to Justice’s Director.

“I want their stories to inspire people that change can happen, don’t accept things at face value. Whether it’s domestic violence or bullying, I want this collection of multimedia artefacts to became a catalyst for personal growth.”

Journey to Justice not only focuses on US civil rights but also features a local strand where stories from Tyneside are displayed.

MUSIC: Students can play nostalgic music through the replica jukebox

MUSIC: Students can play nostalgic music through the replica jukebox

Students are encouraged to interact with the exhibition by writing down their moments of historical significance, choosing music on the jukebox and even sitting at a replica of Ruby Bridges school desk.

The companies overall mission is to empower citizens to take action for social justice through learning about historical figures.

“We use our exhibitions to run workshops for those people who are trying to build their confidence.” says Carrie

DIRECTOR: Carrie wants people of all ages to come and enjoy the exhibition

DIRECTOR: Carrie wants people of all ages to come and enjoy the exhibition

“I find it difficult to live my life not trying to change things, that’s just who I am.

“There are many ways in which the world needs repairing. I can think of so many examples of extreme injustice and the way to help those who are suffering now is to connect and engage with the past.”

For further details on the Journey to Justice exhibition visit

Tside reporter EMILY CONYARD spoke to Carrie and Teesside University’s Equality and Diversity Adviser about the significance of the exhibition.

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Your day-by-day guide to Middlesbrough’s nightlife.


STICKY FINGERS: Some cocktails on offer at this unique music bar.

Nightlife may seem like the most important aspect about coming to university when you’re a new student.

If you are a fresher who has just moved to Teesside from afar, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to hitting the town every night.

This Monday to Saturday guide will enlighten you on the best times to visit Middlesbrough’s nightclubs and bars, along with introducing you to some hidden gems in the area.

We have all been there, having a crazy week with our uni friends, out night after night at different pubs and clubs, only to check our bank account afterwards and realise only then, that we’ll be living off beans on toast until our next pay day.

This guide should help you stick to a budget, telling you all the student-special nights and all their amazing drink deals, so you can party on a budget.

MONDAY : Cocktails.


NUTHATCH: Just some of the cocktails on offer at the Nuthatch.

To start your week of at a slower pace, make sure you check out Middlesbrough’s less-boasted about cocktail bars.

Start your night off at the newly opened ‘Nuthatch’ cocktail bar, down one of the quirky side streets full of vintage shops, boutiques and delis. You will find The Nuthatch on Bedford Street, along will O’Connell’s bar, for those who prefer a few pints whilst they watch their Monday night football.

Be sure to book your table if you are in a group of over four people, as this can get pretty busy! Open from five o’clock until midnight you can choose to spend your night here or move along to some other gorgeous cocktail bars in the area.

If you do choose to try out some other places nearby, Macy Browns, located round the corner from the Nuthatch on Linthorpe road, also offers a range of cocktail deals for students to take advantage of.

The Dickens is also a very popular place for students on any night of the week. They have a seperate newly refurbished cocktail bar if you are having a more relaxed casual drink.

Other places who offer cocktails include Valentino’s restaurant and Sticky Fingers, which is a funky little music bar with live bands.


STICKY FINGERS: Live music cafe/bar.

Drinks Deals: 

  • The Nuthatch offers a specials menu with cocktails of just £5.
  • Macy Browns lets you choose head or tails on a coin, and once flipped, if you choose correctly, you win a free cocktail, which is definitely worth a try.
  • Dickens Inn offers 10% off food and drink for students, plus pints for £2.50.

Coming for cocktails is a great start to your week of partying, or it is also a great pre-drinking opportunity, to get you out your flat a bit earlier and make the most of Middlesbrough’s bars.



TUESDAY: Mixtape at the Townhouse. mixtape-logo

Every Tuesday night, The Townhouse bar hosts a student only night called ‘Mixtape’ with budget drink deals and cheap entry.

Mixtape is a lively student night which is guaranteed to be packed with people just like you, wanting to let their hair down and dance the night away.

The Townhouse is a bar that suddenly turns into a club scene when it is filled with students, so you can choose to sit down at the table or get right in the middle of the dancefloor.

There is music for everyone at Mixtape (hence the name), so whatever your preferred genre, you will be guaranteed to enjoy this. If you get there early, there are live bands worth checking out, who play from around 9:30pm until 11.

Drinks Deals: 

  • Free entry until 10:30, so it’s worth getting there early, or it’s only £3 after that!
  • £2 double vodka with mixer, including energy.
  • £2 draughts.
  • £1 shots, yes you read that correctly.

CLEAN CUD KID: Before their live performance at Mixtape.

For drink prices this cheap, you can’t afford to miss out on this. The townhouse is located on Linthorpe road, and there is a handy pub next door called the ‘Swatters Carr’, where you can have some pre-drinks before you enter Mixtape.

If you’re still in the party spirit when Mixtape closes, there is a free shuttle over to Spencleys Emporuim, to carry on your party at another popular event called ‘YoYo’.

Tuesday nights should never be underestimated in Middlesbrough, with students out and about until the sun comes up. Head over to The Townhouse this Tuesday if you’re feeling in the party mood.




Go Ninja is a popular mid-week student night held at Spencleys Emporium. They hold some very fun events such as pyjama parties and foam parties, which is a change from your usual get your go-ninjaglad rags on and head into the town for a dance.

This is the perfect night out to let your hair down if the middle of the uni week is becoming a bit too stressful!

The Go-Ninja night out is packed with something for everyone, if you’re into getting your face painted there will be  chance to get that done, along with henna tattoos, pillow fights and even snacks, what more could a student want?

With a free bus running from the SU on campus, it would be a great chance to get there early for some pre-drinks!

Drinks Deals:

  • Free bus taking you right to the doorstep! Get some cheap drinks from the SU before.
  • £1 drinks from 11pm
  • promotional events giving you the chance to win various drink deals, including a £50 bar tab, that’s the night paid for!


creeps_tallCreeps Thursday at Medicine Bar is an indie/alt/trash theme disco held in a really funky venue.

The main creeps disco is held in the basement of Medicine Bar, which gets very hot and chlaustrophobic, so if this isn’t your thing, I would stay away from here!

The crowded nature of the basement adds to the atmosphere of this popular night out, with the dancefloor being immediately in front of the DJ booth.

Although indie music isn’t everyone’s scene, there will usually be a themed night each week, which includes an hour of Beyonce, Kanye West, or themes such as ‘guilty pleasures’ or 90’s, so there is bound to be something that you just can’t afford to miss.

The dress code for creeps is pretty casual, so girls, don’t turn up in your stiletto’s, stick a pair of converse or chunky boots on and you’ll be good to go.

Drinks Deals:

  • £4 entry
  • £1 shots including sambucca and shots
  • £2.50 doubles with mixer
  • Giveaways on the night and promotional competitions which are worth getting involved!

Medicine bar is located near the cinema in Middlesbrough if you are wondering where to go, and is open from 10pm onwards, with the main basement opening at 11pm, when all the fun begins.

At the end of the night when you are feeling a little worse for ware, McDonalds is a short stagger down the road to get your greasy food fix.

FRIDAY: Southfield Road and SU Bar. 

southfield-newWith a range of different student friendly bars right on campus, along with Teesside Uni’s very own Student’s Union Bar, there is no Friday night spent with nothing to do.

Start your night in the Dickens Inn, choosing between cocktails or your regular spirit and mixer. If you decide to venture out of there before hitting the SU, grab a drink or two in The Southfield or The Star.

The campus will be buzzing with students flittering between the SU and surrounding bars, which is a lot safer and much friendlier environment.

The Students Union Terrace Bar and club hold a range of different nights for students, even getting in some guest performers such as Radio 1’s Scott Mills and Greg James, and even DJ’s such as Sigma.

Make sure you get your tickets early for these freshers events so you don’t risk missing out!

There is no point listing the endless amount of drink deals and ticket prices here. This is an on-campus night, therefore you are bound to find yourself still having some spare money at the end of the night.

SATURDAY: The Middlesbrough Empire.

empireThis is Middlesbrough’s main night-life venue, with a lot of young people guaranteed to attend each week.

Although it is not a student-specific night out, you will find that this will not burn a hole in your bank card!

The music played here ranges between chart music, older ‘throwback’ style music and dance music.

If you haven’t been to any of the other night out events I have told you about previously through the week, this is the perfect night to end the week at uni and get your dancing shoes on.

Drinks Deals: 

  • £4 entry before 11pm
  • £2.90 double vodka & mixer
  • £1 shots including sourz.
  • Cocktail deals

On special events such as bank holidays, Empire will put on live music bands, or hire out fun fair ground attractions such as helter skelters, and a free fall jump from the top floor of the venue into an airbag at the bottom. Scary!

Keep a look out for events coming to Empire, or just let your hair down and have a dance on a normal Saturday night.

SUNDAY: Cure your hangover the Teesside Way.
manjarosIf you are a born and bred Teessider, you will already know that the chicken parmesan, or ‘parmo’ as we call it, is a god send after a night out, or a week’s worth of night’s out in this case.

If you are new to the area and you haven’t heard of the parmo, you are missing out massively.

The infamous Teesside parmo consists of chicken covered in breadcrumbs, topped with bechemel sauce and melted cheese. Served with chips and garlic sauce and you have the perfect hangover cure.


Here are the top 5 places to grab yourself a parmo on a Sunday:


  • Manjaro’s
  • Central Park
  • Uno Ristorante
  • Al Forno’s
  • Classic takeaway parmo – Ring up the takeaway closest to you if you are too hungover to move, and get one delivered right to your door, or grab one after a night out if you need your fix of
    drunken carbs.

All of these restaurants are situated on Linthorpe Road, walking distance from most halls of residence, so you have no excuse not to try one of thes delicious Teesside delicacies, and I promise you, it won’t disappoint.






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An Interview With The Big Moon

The Big Moon are a band you’ll be hearing a lot of in the next year. Musically, they are expanding all the time with their recent release “Silent Movie Suzie” gaining them a lot of new support.

The quartet are now out on tour with the giant Mystery Jets and played Wylam Brewery last night, I caught up with Soph and Celia to talk about the tour, festival season and band friends.

You’re heading out on tour with Mystery Jets, what’s it like knowing you’ll be opening for them?

S: It’s awesome. They’re an incredibly good band and lovely to tour with. 

Of course you’re going on your own headline tour afterwards too, do you think your fan base has grown?

S: I think it has, but it’s hard to tell until you’re actually at the shows. We’re going to be doing our biggest headline show ever at Scala, so hopefully!

C: It’s always cool when you see more and more people coming out to festival slots, or turning up early to see us support other bands but it’s so exciting to walk around a venue that you’re headlining before a show and know that the people there have bought tickets specifically to see us, no matter how many people that is. 

THE BIG MOON: Catch them in a venue near you.

THE BIG MOON: Catch them in a venue near you.

Did you see larger groups of people coming to see you over the festival season? 

C: Yes, it was great, we had some really amazing festival sets this year. Glastonbury and Latitude were particular highlights I think; the crowds were incredible. 

How was the festival season for the four of you? 

S: I loved it, it’s so nice to be playing with loads of different bands every day. And festivals are always fun places to explore when you have time to kill before you play 

By the looks of it you’re quite friendly with a lot of other bands, have you been hanging out with any in particular over the summer?  

S: Various! We’ve played a lot of the same festivals as Spring King, and we’re doing some shows with them soon in Stoke and Oxford which will be fun. We see Kagoule about quite a lot too and they’re awesome. 

C: Festival season is so nice for that! We all spend so much of the rest of the year touring that it’s hard to hang out with other friends in bands, and you’re always missing each other in different cities so it’s great when you’re all in one place at the same time. 

Have those bands influenced you in any way? Because am I right in believing you’re recording your debut album? 

S: James in Spring King has an amazing jumping technique while playing bass. It’s infectious when you watch them, and I feel like it’s rubbed off on me when we play certain songs! 

C: Same! And we have another song, which we don’t play live at the moment, where Fern and I accidentally morph into Gus and P from The Magic Gang. But I think with the album, we’ve been sitting on a lot of the tracks for such a long time and we’re just so excited that they’re finally recorded and soon we’re going to be able to play them all for people. 

Being in the studio recording can be a long process, what do you do to unwind/chill out? 

S: We play a game called slappy ball. When we were fed up or something wasn’t sounding right we’d have a quick game of slappy and then we were away!

C: It really is a great stress reliever. 

What can people expect from your set whilst supporting Mystery Jets? 

C: A really good time. 

Anything you want to add to people coming to your show? 

C: Come see us at the merch desk after the show! 

Catch The Big Moon on tour with Mystery Jets now – tickets here.

Find tickets for their headline tour here.

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Inside Middlesbrough’s most up and coming area

article-14“Middlesbrough…a bit like Newcastle but without the style and sophistication” ‘The worst place to live in the UK’ ‘The worst place to grow up as a girl’

These are just some of the comments you may find when googling Middlesbrough or Teesside, but what about the good things here in Boro?

There’s no denying the fact that Middlesbrough gets a hard time in the media, but whether you’re a new to the area fresher or Middlesbrough born and bred it’s our duty to prove to people that we’ve got it good here in Teesside.

Not one of the Middlesbrough-hating articles mentioned the things we are proud of, the beautiful coast of Saltburn, our award winning uni, the recently promoted premier league football team or the ever-growing quirky area of Bedford and Baker Street to name a few.

Once a couple of dingy forgotten side streets in the centre of town, now a newly transformed, hidden gem in the heart of Middlesbrough where you can do a spot of shopping, have a bite to eat, grab a drink or cocktail and so much more.

The first place you’ll find when heading off campus is The Baker Street Kitchen. article-3

This gorgeous café holds the biggest spot on the street and is certain to catch your eye when passing!

Being under a five minute walk from uni this boasts the perfect little lunch spot for in between lectures where you can indulge on anything from a sandwich to a pancake to a full English or a toastie and it won’t leave you pennyless with the majority of the menu being under a fiver!

It’s not all about satisfying your appetite over at Baker Street though.

articles-8 Left your trusted hairdressers back at home when moving to uni here in Middlesbrough? Gallaghers on Baker Street have got you covered!

With a 5 star rating on their Facebook page they’re sure to be trusted, you could even fit in a quick hair cut before your afternoon seminars begin!

Sarah Gallagher, the owner of the hair salon said:  “Moving to Baker Street was the best decision we evarticle-9er made! We feel like we are right in the heart of the action!”

Another happy resident of Baker Street is Natalia Paleschi of Paleschi. If you’re in need of a makeover this is the place to be.

Natalie said: “Baker Street is full of colourful creative characters! We are definitely the most hard working street in the area and we are proud to be part of such a new and upcoming funky place! We’re like one big family!”

Freshers week got you feeling a little worse for wear? Leave it to the lovely girls over at Paleschi, trained in HD brows and LVL lashes and you won’t leave disappointed!

Knoarticle-2wn for its quirkiness it’s no surprise there’s some little vintage clothing shops on Baker Street full of little hidden finds to be sure you won’t be wearing the same dress as anyone else on your next night out!

These little spots are located in the heart of Baker Street so make sure you have a look in when your nextarticlee student loan comes through!

Grace Beattie Stringer, owner of Vintageous Rags on Baker Street said: “It’s great to have all independent businesses in one area, it’s like a little community full of like-minded people. It has such a friendly vibe too and even better now Bedford street is all finished!”

Once you’re all warn out of shopping be sure to head over to neighbouring street Bedford Street and grab a cupcake from Songbird Bakery!

Stopping off at the bakery, co-owned by Shelley Tyreman will be the cherry on the cake to your day as you can choose from a gorgeous range of cakes and sweet treats.

Shelley said: “Being from Middlesbrough, we could not be prouder to be a part of the fabulous new independent quarter of our home town which showcases just a small part of what Middlesbrough has to offer”

article-4And finally, what better way to end the day than a nice cold drink at one of the bars or cocktail spots on Bedford Street?

Fancy a pint? Head over to O’Connels bar at the end of Bedford Street where you can put your feet up aarticle-8nd enjoy some of the live music they have to offer!

More of a cocktail drinker? The Nuthatch is the place for you, with amazing deals on drinks you can’t go wrong with this brand new modern, beautiful little spot in the centre of Bedford Street.

I expect we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about this area in the near future so if this wasn’t enough to tempt you to visit Baker and Bedford Street go ahead and have a look for yourself, this is just a handful of the things you can get up to while there and for those food and culture lovers out there try and catch the Orange Pip Market for some good food, live music and an all round fun day out away from the hustle bustle of Middlesbrough town centre.











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