Teesside’s Volleyball Team Narrowly Lose Out In Close Encounter


Teesside University’s BUCS Volleyball team narrowly lost to Newcastle in a close run affair that saw them lead at a critical point.

Teesside were seen as underdogs going in to this game as Newcastle had  England International Nathan Fullerton in their ranks.

However Teesside were playing there first game at home and were hoping to bounce back from an opening day defeat.

Things did not start well for Teesside with Newcastle dominating the early stages.

This was largely down to numerous Teesside errors with a number of volleys hitting the net and serves going wide.

The main source of points for Teesside came from Harley Clarke who won the majority for the Teessiders, however this was not enough as Newcastle won the set 25-14.

The second set was by far the most exciting with both sides giving their all to win.

The story of the first set was reversed with Newcastle making numerous errors allowing Teesside to find more confidence and play with more team cohesion.

The exchange of points was back and forth, however Teesside held their nerve to win the set 25-23.

The euphoria of winning the second set clearly showed in Teesside’s play as they came roaring out the blocks.

Harley Clarke and Nathan Wallace dominated, winning the majority of points with numerous spikes.

Despite Newcastle’s excellent returning game creating some exciting rallies, Teesside dominated and won the set 25-14.

The momentum of the previous two sets did not last for Teesside as Newcastle’s experience combined with Teesside’s lack of team cohesion started to change the game.

Nathan Fullerton, who had been largely quiet until now started to dominate the game with numerous spikes and serves with Teesside unable to react quick enough in order to stop him.

This led to a fourth set win of 25-12 for Newcastle.

With the scores equal the game was set for a thrilling finale.

This however did not happen as Fullerton again was in top form combining well with his team mates to  give Newcastle the final set (15-7) .

This was a disappointing end for Teesside  in what was an encouraging performance.


from Tside