Teesside University Students Donate to Middlesbrough FoodBank.



Teesside Students with Staff of the Middlesbrough Foodbank.

Teesside University Students have donated to the Middlesbrough Foodbank after a successful FeedTheFoodbank Campaign.

Donations to the food bank saw quite a surge after their campaign on the University Campus.


Students during the campaign

The campaign was ran by four Teesside University Students, Michelle,Winnie,Elaine and Autumn and was was aimed at raising awareness of how many people rely on food banks and encourage students to help with donations.






Nursing Student, Lauren Andy, 21, she said: ” I am impressed with the FeedtheFoodBank Campaign and it will put the University in  a good light after the donations are received.”

Student Mukhtar Ayourb, 24, said : ”I just had to donate straight away and I urge other students to  as well”.

The donations from the campaign brought a recieved weight of 48.25kg of items for the Middlesbrough FoodBank.

Jarnal Barker, a member of the Middlesbrough Foodbank Staff,  said: ‘‘ My colleagues and I are excited and grateful about this unexpected items from the students”

Almost a third of the UK population experienced income poverty in at least one year , official data shows.

The figures, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)  shows that approximately 19.3 million people had a disposable income of below 60% of the national medium at some point during the four-year period 201-14. Around 19.3 million people are said to be living in poverty.

Jazz,  anotehr member of the Middlesbrough Foodbank Staff, said: ‘‘ People are two steps away from poverty in the UK and it is important to create awareness and also get people on board for donations ”.

One of the students who ran the campaign, Elaine Chang, 24, said: ‘‘ Apart from the fact it is a campaign, I am happy to contribute to the community”.



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