Young boy with life threatening illness raises money to help others

A charity fashion show has been held to help raise money for a Teesside youngster.

Fashion business ROMAN Originals  opened its doors  for charity, except this time it’s for a local cause.

Dominic Speight, 10, was diagnosed with Long Q T Syndrome just 18 months ago after he collapsed at Christ the King primary school.

HAPPY FAMILY: Dominic and supportive family network

HAPPY FAMILY: Dominic and supportive family network

At first, doctors believed he may have been suffering from an anaphylactic shock but his test results showed something which changed his life forever.

The genetic condition affecting Dominic’s heartbeat has left him vulnerable to a cardiac arrest and unable to take part in adrenaline sports.

“It was traumatic for us to find out what actually was the root cause of the problem,” said Claire Speight, Dominic’s mum.

“Of course my mother’s instinct knew there was something up with him. He hadn’t been right for weeks and just didn’t seem his usual bubbly self.

“But I never imagined it would be anything this life threatening.”

CHARITY: Claire and Roman's store owners, Emily and Maureen

CHARITY: Claire and Roman’s store owners, Emily and Maureen

However, Dominic’s story is far from over. He’s currently allergic to the only medication he can take to stop his illness, Beta Blockers.

Unless they can find another drug to regulate his heartbeat, Dominic will have to undergo surgery to rectify his heart.

“When I think back to his diagnosis, my heart shatters. He was so shocked and frustrated with the outcome,” Claire said.

“But we’ve all been overwhelmed with the generosity of those around us. Even the children at Dom’s school have been so supportive of his journey.”

Inspired by Dominic’s tale, Claire has made it her mission to raise money and fund defibrillator installation in all of Middlesbrough’s Catholic schools.

She said: “We initially started fundraising in January to get a defibrillator for Dominic’s primary and secondary school but within 24 hours we’d received £1,500 from different charities.”

“Since then, we’ve raised £4,000 in total meaning that we can help other children in Dominic’s shoes.”

FASHION: Models strut their stuff to raise money for Dominic's defibrillators

FASHION: Models strut their stuff to raise money for Dominic’s defibrillators

Roman Originals have joined the cause by throwing a charity fashion show in aid of raising money for Dominic’s defibrillators.

The night was a great success with raffles, prizes and catwalks.

Emily Jones, organiser of the event, said they already raised £160 in donations before the catwalk began.

She said: “Dominic’s story is such a touching tale, the boy has been through so much at such a young age.”

“We want to raise as much as we can so defibrillators are installed in every Middlesbrough school.”


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