Teesside residents march for freedom



A group of Teesside residents took to the streets  to protest for Palestinian freedom.

The team, Teesside Against Racism, Islamophobia and Fascism (TARIF) are campaigning to raise awareness and donations for Palestinian sufferers.

Raising over £165, TARIF plan to give all donations to Palestinian charities.

They’ve also spoke up against the current Syrian crisis,  vowing to educate Teesside citizens of the truth behind what they read in the media.

Jolande Mace, joint head of TARIF, says the main problem with the Palestinian crisis is an inaccuracy in reporting.

Jolande Mace and Saeed Ahmed, leaders of TARIF

Jolande Mace and Saeed Ahmed, leaders of TARIF

She said: “No one can actually get into Palestine due to closed roads and restrictions. So, as Israel owns such a big portion of the media, we only hear one side.”

“If TARIF helps change at least one person’s mind then I’ve achieved what I set out to do.”

Palestinians have been resisting apartheid since 1967. Since then they’ve failed to reach a peace agreement and mutual recognition on borders, water supply and freedom.

Last week, Jerusalem Post reported that Palestine ranked 195th in an International Network on children’s access to justice.

This survey included how effectively children defend themselves and gain access to legal resources.

“The refugee crisis is something that’s very dear to my heart.” says Jolande, 37.

CAMPAIGNING FOR CHANGE: The protest included speeches and leafleting

CAMPAIGNING FOR CHANGE: The protest included speeches and leafleting

“I was raised in several war torn African states. I fled Sudan due to a civil war and Algeria because of a terrorist insurgence.

“I owe my life to the kindness of others.

“That’s why, ethically, I can’t stand by and watch this happen. I need to do something, I need to use my voice.”

According to a United Nations report, 2014 Palestinian death tolls were the highest since 1967. This included 2,220 citizens and 513 children.

TARIF believes that if they help teach Teesside what’s going on it’ll enforce a positive change.

“The main way to get involved is by research, using your social media voice and, most importantly, not believing everything you read in the media.” adds Jolande.


“If the current Israeli regime continues there will be no more Palestine and that’s a scary enough thought.”


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