Peeling back the curtain on the Orange Pip Market

orangepipAN EXCITING new artisan food market with a twist is opening in Middlesbrough.

The Orange Pip market will include locally sourced art, craft and live entertainment.

The Middlesbrough Council backed project, planned for Baker Street, is being managed by lead local curator Nicky Peacock.

Nicky, who is also a freelance artist, has been curating exhibitions, live performances and films over the last 20 years.

 Teesside’s cultural hub is booming particularly in Middlesbrough.

Flurries of independent cafes, tea houses, vintage shops and breweries are appearing all around town, pointing to the fact that Teesside is certainly more cultural now than it ever has been.

After Love Middlesbrough announced plans to regenerate Bedford Street as it had Baker Street, much of the local community are pretty excited to see what businesses will be coming to Middlesbrough’s high street this year.

Nicky Peacock 02/2016

Nicky Peacock

Having heard about this exciting new addition to Baker Street, the heart of Middlesbrough’s regeneration, tside talked to Nicky to see what we could expect of Orange Pip Market and more.

How did Orange Pip Market come about?

NP: “I was working with Middlesbrough Council as a freelancer with the arts and events team on a variety of different art and dance events.

“Middlesbrough Council then told me they wanted to put on an outdoor market, so they asked me if I could compile a research and feasibility study for them.

“The idea was pretty shapeless when it was brought to me, which was something of a gift. I researched into different demographics, who I thought our customer would be, and I’ve researched a lot of other places.

“And of course lots of different foods, as I am a massive foodie fan. But more than anything we want this to be a bit different, not just a standard outdoor market.”

What influenced your thinking when curating this Market?

NP: “I spent last summer in New York and I went to the Brooklyn Flea Market and their artisan offshoot the Smorgasburg market.  I was so impressed by what I saw and the food they had at the market was phenomenal.

“But more than that was the vibe, so informal, laid-back and fun. I thought to myself, well I’ve saw beautiful organic food markets in New York, Paris, London why wouldn’t Middlesbrough be ready for one?

“So I began by cherry picking the most exciting elements of international outdoor markets and places like Boiler Shop Steamer in Newcastle and slowly tailor it to something that would really suit Middlesbrough and the people who live here”

So what else can people expect from Orange Pip market aside from a place to get the best authentic artisan food?

NP: “The market will run all the way down Baker Street, but there will be cafe and beer stalls running in between the shops.

“We’re in the middle of securing with The Twisted Lip and other local microbreweries so local business can be part of the market. Obviously this means people who wish to drink, would be drinking out of plastic cups as you would at any live event.

“I’m also buying antique unwanted furniture from abandoned colleges, I want people to be comfy and stay all day.

“We will also be hosting live entertainment from local band Green Fuzz (psychedelic garage punk) oh, and they’ll also be a girl offering to braid your hair, what more could you want?”

Can you please disclose what sort of business people can expect to be opening on Bedford Street, Middlesbrough this year?

NP: “Various businesses are starting up singularly but Bedford Street will be officially up and running by the end of March.

“It’s poised to be a place for leisure, food and drink as Baker Street caters more to the lifestyle outlets such as vintage shops and barber shops.

“The Curing House will be a charcuterie selling lovely home cured meats such as salami and chorizo and so on.

“There’s also going to be an excellent stone baked pizza parlour opening up, but the one I’m most looking forward to opening is the Nut Hatch, which is going to be a spirit and cocktail bar.

“I’m sure I won’t be the only one looking forward to that to.”

Orange Pip Market will open Saturday  May  28 and will run on the last Saturday of every month from 12noon to 7pm.

As the year goes on and the nights get darker Orange Pip hopes to exhibit light artists, more bands and even films.

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