Northallerton to host ‘Fleecetonbury’ music festival for the first time

Northallerton based music festival ‘Fleecetonbury’ is this month set to open its gates for the very first time.

The inaugural year of the festival will play host to 17 of the UK’s best un-signed indie and alternative rock-bands, split over three stages on two separate days.

Rising indie stars The Sherlocks will headline the first night of the festival with Watford rock band The Spitfires – fronted by Paul Weller-esque Billy Sullivan – closing on the Sunday.

Fleecetonbury line-up

Fleecetonbury line-up

Organisers of the event Nev and Michelle Craggs have enjoyed recent success hosting live music in local pubs.

Nev said: “I’ve always wanted to host my own music festival and things have blew up in the last year or so, now is the perfect time to take that chance.”

“We’ve been hosting gigs in the Town Hall and also The Fleece Inn. It’s crazy because they’ve started to be recognised as proper live venues.

“I was in York watching The Sherlocks and people were coming up to me saying you’re Nev from the Fleece aren’t you?”

When asked about the festival being exclusive to ‘unsigned bands’ Nev told me: “That’s just my thing, we’re always going to keep it that way.

“All of the bands have been playing at my pubs and it’s fantastic watching them get bigger and better.

“When I went to see The Sherlock’s last week– who I first saw about three years ago – I told Michael (the bands manager) – this lot have just turned from boys to men.

“This will be the last time you’ll ever be able to see The Sherlocks in a place like this –things are booming for them.

The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks

“All the bands that are coming to Fleecetonbury are brilliant and have a huge future ahead of them. The likes of The Tapestry and Casual Agenda, all of them, I can’t stress enough how good they are.

“Because I’ve been good to them and they’ve been great with me they all agreed to come back and play the festival – and that’s a good feeling.”

And Nev’s not alone with his thoughts in regards to this.

Pedro, lead singer of the band Casual Agenda, hyped by Nev for their sounds similar to Weller, Dylan, Arctic monkeys and Kasabain, said:

“If I had a hat I’d take it off to Nev and Michelle.

“It’s not hard to put on gigs for bands but for some reason it seems to be in most places, these guys are great – if everyone mucks in together there’s a benefit for all.

He also added: “I’ve always enjoyed playing Northallerton, the folks up they’re in for a treat with our set – something old – something new.”

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You can listen to Casual Agenda here

The festival will take place on the weekend of March 26 & 27; It will be hosted at The Fleece inn, Northallerton Town Hall and also an outdoor stage – weather permitting.

Tickets can be bought at SeeTickets and are priced £17.50 per day or £30 for the two-day special.

Camping is also available.

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