The rise of UK Blogging: Through the eyes of a Middlesbrough blogger.

Blogging is the newest and trendiest way of sharing your views or sharing your life.

With more people deciding to share snippets of their lives than ever, Blogging is certainly the trendiest way to share parts of your life.

Sharing your life via the internet has become more and more popular and over the past few years, with the number of people creating blogs has increased massively.

There are many different types of blogs circulating the internet.

From beauty blogs to film review blogs, there is something for everyone.

Most popular, being the fashion and beauty blogs.

Teesside University student, Megan Lillie, 22, also known as, Thumbelina Lillie to the blogging world, set up her beauty blog in 2012.

Megan Lille, also known as, Thumbelina Lilie

Megan Lille, also known as, Thumbelina Lillie.

Since then, her blog reaches thousands of views each week, and not mention, winning a Cosmopolitan Award for it.

Megan decided to set up her own Blog while taking a gap year as, she needed something to fulfil the time, alongside a part time job.

Megan said: “I had read blogs for around six months whilst studying in college, I had found my first one through someone’s Instagram account and became hooked almost immediately.”

“I have always been a creative person in different aspects of my life, and my blog allows me to have a place to share my creativity with others.

“My blog has given me a whole host of new skills. I loved the writing aspect of it, writing is always something that I have loved. But I have learned to love photography and learning about cameras, as well as the editing process that goes alongside it.”

Blogging has quadrupled over the past few years, with new people adding to the blogging community each week.

It has become popular to all types of people, with a mixture of blogs becoming more popular than others, hitting over hundreds of thousands of page views a month.

“Blogging has grown tenfold to what it was when I first started. I love blogging now as much as did back then. The community is absolutely fabulous-everyone is so lovely,” Megan said.

Some of the more “popular” bloggers have even made a business over their own Blogs.

Newly famed ‘celebrities’ have come out of the blogging scene such as, Zoe Sugg, also known as ‘Zoella. Who has built an empire of merchandise since hitting the big time with her Blog alongside, Youtube.

Megan said: “I think it’s incredible that bloggers can make businesses out of themselves and their talents, as well as transferring skills in other ways like product lines and merchandise.”

Blogging is very much today’s news, and it looks set to rise even more in 2016.

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