Upcoming Guests and Performances: Post from Perform@tees

We’re looking forward to welcoming several guests to Teesside University this spring. Kimberley Harvey of Subtle Craft Company is returning to work with our first year students at Mima.  We’re also welcoming Zubaidah Saebu and Louise Masters as guest teachers.

For our upcoming performance at the Hazel Person Theatre May 24th we’re also welcoming several guest choreographers. The students are very lucky to be working with Jack Webb, one of Scotland’s leading choreographers and teachers with a decade of experience in the UK and internationally. We are certainly looking forward to having his bold and distinctive artistic voice back in Teesside.Jack WEBB

Ana Baer from Texas State University also returns to the University to create a new work for the students.  Ana’s work emphasises collaboration and brings a global perspective – she has previously presented work in Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Guatemala, Greece, Spain, France, and multiple venues in Germany, UK, Mexico and USA.  See some of her video dance work here: http://ift.tt/1pKjidB The performances are May 24th at 4 and 6:30pm at the Hazel Pearson Theatre.  To book tickets please contact  arts@tees.ac.uk or 01642 384019

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Teaching dance in the community: Post from Perform@tees

Second year students have been teaching some excellent community classes this year.  From jazz to contemporary, tap to commercial, we’ve had a spectrum of great classes.  Liam Gillespie of the blog live and love Teesside attended several classes, documenting the experience for his blog:

“Bearing in mind that dance is essentially about expressing yourself, my biggest piece of advice would be to show a bit of flair and panache.

It’s when I relaxed my body a little bit and started to ease into the dancing with more enjoyment that it actually became a little easier.

So despite struggling with the faster movements at first, I started to enjoy the dancing more and that’s when my actual footwork began to become less obtuse and more natural. The students hosting the event were always on hand to help me through any part I couldn’t grasp which made things a whole lot easier.“

To read more about Liam’s experience visit http://ift.tt/1LZEarLcommunity class

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Creative Arts Week: Post from Perform@tees

Several dance students gave fascinating presentations as part of Teesside University’s Festival of Learning March 14th to 17th.

The first of these was a beautiful talk by lecturers Heike Salzer and Lorraine Smith, second year students Stacey Thompson, Kate Smith, Jess Gibson, and third year Tasha Reay about their work at Mima.  It was fascinating to hear about the students’ experience – many had never set foot in an art gallery before – and how Mima has become a second home for them where they feel comfortable not only seeing exhibitions, but dancing in response to them.

Festival of Learning


Dance students also took over the Curve with their performance NOW HEAR THIS. The site responsive dances enlivened the space and definitely surprised some visitors!


Other presentations included the fascinating 100 Costumes by lecturer Lorraine Smith and student Sadie Brooks, Dance and Dementia by lecturer Jennifer Essex and students Rebecca ball and Rheannon Davies, and Divers@Tees – a talk by third year students about their graduate performance company.


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Tees Made 2nd again :Post from Tees Made

For the 2nd year running a team of staff and 3rd students from Product Design took on similar teams from around the University in the Festival of Learning Challenge.

Like last year each team had to complete a number of physical and mental tasks against the clock. Despite coming 2nd again it was immense fun and winning the silver meant a healthy prize of £250. The award will help bolster the money already raised by the students to exhibit their work at the New Designers 2016 Exhibition which is taking place at the Business Design Centre, London in July

Third time lucky next year.

Team ProductIMG_1531 IMG_1535 IMG_1546 IMG_1552 IMG_1565

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Former Teesside student’s magazine success

A former Teesside University student has set up his own music magazine that is going from strength to strength.

Lee Allcock is now running NE Volume which  is a free monthly print and online music magazine.

Lee graduated with a BA(Hons) Journalism and News Practice degree and launched the first print edition of the magazine  in July 2015.

It has been so successful that he now distributes  over 3,000 copies around the North-East  each month.

Tside caught up with Lee  to ask him a few questions about his experiences.

NE Volume's Editor-in-Chief, Lee Allcock

NE Volume’s Editor-in-Chief, Lee Allcock.


 Tside: What inspired you to set up your own magazine/website? How did your background influence your decision?

Lee: “My idea actually began back in college (Stockton Sixth Form) where I basically wanted to go to gigs, review them, and get paid for it – I thought, at 16, that that would be the dream job.”

“I then went on to study Journalism at Teesside University like yourself, and I worked voluntarily at another North East music magazine (I won’t mention who).

“Whilst volunteering for the magazine, I noticed they were covering the Newcastle area primarily and I felt that bands/venues/music-related businesses in Teesside and the surrounding areas weren’t getting the recognition they deserved.

“So my idea basically came about because I wanted to help those involved in the music scene in this area (and the North East as a whole) to gain recognition for their hard work.”


Tside: What challenges did you face in setting up your publication?

Lee: “At the time of setting the printed magazine up I was also working full time as a copywriter. I had to think, do I want to be working 9-5, 5 days a week hating it but earning the same wage each month, or do I want to quit it and live my dream but with there being no real stability? For me I didn’t have to think twice, I went for it and I’m so glad I did.”


Tside: How do you feel it has gone? Has the level of success and interest surprised you?

Lee: We’ve now just released our ninth edition so I’m absolutely over the moon with how it’s gone. I’ve had support from so many bands/songwriters/promoters/venues/local businesses, and I can’t thank each and every person enough! I’m actually extremely surprised with how it’s gone. I mean, I knew there was a gap in the market but I didn’t know just how big that gap was!”

The local magazine is now into it's ninth edition.

The local magazine is now into it’s ninth edition.


Tside: What have you learned from the experience? What advice would you give to others looking to branch out and go the independent route instead of following more traditional career paths in journalism?

Lee: “I’ve learnt that you shouldn’t just settle for a job that’s dull but pays the bills. If you have a dream, go for it! Always think big, and then think bigger, and then keep thinking. If you’re bored of what you’re doing then it’s time to branch out.”


Tside: Finally, what does the future hold for NE Volume?

Lee: “We’re slowly looking to move further south into the likes of Thirsk, York, Leeds and the surrounding areas. There’s also room to move into the west (NW Volume if you will) but they’re just ideas at the moment and the reality is that that’s going to take years rather than months.”

“This year, I’d just like to increase copy numbers so that even more people in the North East get chance to read the magazine. Oh, and we’ll be looking to update the website too and maybe launch our own radio station – but they’re just ideas for now, and nothing has been finalised.”

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The Oven Restaurant Review

New restaurant The Oven, is cooking up a storm across Middlesbrough, establishing itself as one of the town’s most popular places to eat.

The restaurant opened last October in a prime spot off Linthorpe Road, on the corner of Southfield Road and the fabulous interior and atmosphere really set the scene.

With a wide choice of different food styles mainly involving fish or meat, The Oven doesn’t fail to impress.

The food is also affordable, with prices ranging from £11.95 for one course, £15.95 for two courses and £19.95 for a three course meal.

The food I ordered was absolutely to die for, I went for a garlic bread starter which was on a lovely soft baguette served with a salad garnish. I particularly enjoyed this starter as it did not leave a massive after taste of garlic like most garlic breads do.

I also tried the soup of the day which was nice and simple tomato soup. This was served with warm miniature bread buns and butter. Very affordable and extremely good value for money as you got a big bowl full that could satisfy more than one person.

Now onto my main, I went for a classic Chicken Parmesan as I am a huge parmesan fan and this was most definitely delicious and perfect sized portioning. The chicken breast was a little thinner than expected with a lot more cheese but the texture and taste was unbelievable. The parmesan came with a portion of chips and side salad which was perfect sizing for one person.

I was that full from my starter and main I was unable to get a dessert which I was most disappointed about as I was really looking forward to a sticky toffee pudding.

I was very satisfied with my meal from The Oven and would most definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

Garlic Bread starter
Chicken Parmesan main

The Oven has a large choice of drinks from soft drinks to beers, cocktails and even champagne, with prices ranging from £3.60 for beers to £6.50 for a cocktail.

The Oven Ice Tea cocktail at £6.50

The Oven Ice Tea cocktail at £6.50

First impressions of the restaurant was the vibrant yet classy atmosphere with the outside of the restaurant covered with grass and plants while the inside was bright and funky to make you feel like you are somewhere a bit extra special.

It was a busy Thursday night when we our group of 25 visited and the only downfall  was the noise, as it became difficult to hear each other and then became a struggle to be able to communicate with the staff members without raising your voice.

The majority of the party went for the two course meal at £15.95 with a few that decided they could hack the three course meal at £19.95.

It is definitely that type of restaurant that is suitable for couples, friends and families as it is able to accommodate for everybody, as our ages ranged between three months old to 65- years- old.

A few of us from our visit to The Oven

A few of us from our visit to The Oven

Why not take a sneak peak at the photographs that the company supplied to intrigue you to take a visit.

The restaurant is open Monday to Sunday, 12pm-2pm and 5pm-9:30pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm-8pm on Sundays.




The food, drinks and staff were all absolutely amazing and we will definitely be returning to try out other meals. Fantastic experience for our first visit.

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Stockton Calling is back – and bigger than ever before

Teesside’s biggest all-day music festival is set to get even bigger.

The Musiclounge is one of two new venues at this year's Stockton Calling Festival

The Musiclounge is one of two new venues at this year’s Stockton Calling Festival.

Stockton Calling organisers have announced the addition of two new stages to this year’s festival line-up.

The Musiclounge and Room 21 join an already impressive list of venues set to host live music at this year’s event, including ARC, Ku Bar and The Georgian Theatre.

Chris Cobain, head organizer of Stockton Calling, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to announce our partnership with two new venues this year.”

“We feel they’re a great addition to the festival with both set to feature some fantastic bands.”

Stockton Calling will take place on Saturday March 26, 2016.

The festival features some of the country’s most loved artists, emerging musicians and the best the local music scene has to offer.

Now into its seventh year, the festival began life as a three venue, 30 act endeavour.

This year will see more than 60 bands play eight venues across Stockton.

This year's festival features more venues and more bands than ever before.

This year’s festival features more venues and more bands than ever before.

Chris Cobain said: “Every year it just gets bigger. We’re into seventh year now and it continues to go from strength to strength”.

Extra places on the bill means more places for local artists and the involvement of other local promoters.

Idle Promotions will host festivities at The Music Lounge, while Into Tomorrow have also joined the team, taking charge of The Sun Inn Stage.

Chris said:”The local music scene is thriving at the moment and the fact we can involve other promoters and have extra acts proves that”.


Chris Cobain, the brains behind Stockton Calling, is excited about the future of the Festival.

Already announced to be performing on the new stages are Post War Glamour Girls, Bruja and Clay, as well as local favourites Goy Boy McIlroy and The Jar Family.

They join the likes of Reverend and The Makers (ARC Stage), BBC Radio One darlings Blossoms (Ku Bar) and Manchester four piece Dutch Uncles (Georgian Theatre).

Sheffield-based rockers Reverend and The Makers are set to headline this year's ARC Stage.

Sheffield-based rockers Reverend and The Makers are set to headline this year’s ARC Stage.

Advance tickets are already on sale and are priced at £16.50.

Book tickets here

For further line up details, announcements and details on how to book visit Stockton Calling’s official website or call 01642 525199.

Tickets can be purchased in person from ARC, Green Dragon Studios and The Storytellers.

Like Stockton Calling on Facebook or follow on twitter.

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Review: Scandal

Television Show Scandal
Network: ABC
Air Date 05/04/2012
Tside Rating: Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5

SCANDAL: The two man characters, Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald

Rigging Elections, affairs, secret organisations. What more could you want in a television show.

Scandal is an American TV show that provides all three, drawing the audience in with tales of lust and revenge, Scandal delves deep into the world of politics and the secrets of The White House.

Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, a strong female lead that doesn’t need men by her side to survive.  As soon as the first few minutes are shown it’s revealed the character has opened up her own crisis management firm after leaving The White House, the firm helps clients get their life back on track.

The show focuses on Olivia Pope and her team of associates and their personal lives. Each having their own backstory to tell, every episode delivers something new and exciting each time. A little piece of their lives gets chipped away in these 41 minutes.

In Season One we discover Olivia Pope and The President of The United States are having an affair and thus begins the tales of deception.

The main storyline for Season One and Two the audience discovering that the Presidential Election was rigged The first season focuses on The President’s attempted assassination as well as the election-rigging. Information on these factors are revealed through flashbacks.

It’s revealed that the rigging was done by Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, Verna and Hollis.

It takes a while for the audience to find out this scheme as throughout season one and two people find out about the rigging mysteriously disappear – this show full of intrigue it’s fun profiling a TV character to see who’s done what scandal.

When a storyline like this gets sewn into a television show it can often become the main focus and take way the essence of what the show great and that was my worry, however, if everything it makes the show stronger. It interlaces this storyline with backstories and upcoming problems.

Scandal shows the audience the inside life of living in The White House and how decisions come to a head, every episode faces a new problem and draws me in even further.

I didn’t watch Scandal when it aired on live television, only recently did I start watching it online and now I have become a binge watcher. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves shows that draw you in from the get go.


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