Design graduate brings Boho to Boro

Saint Boutique, bringing concentrated Bohemian flare to Middlesbrough

Saint Boutique, bringing concentrated Bohemian flare to Middlesbrough

A  Teesside design graduate has taken over social media with her next step in retail.

Jessie Saint, is now the CEO of Saint Boutique and  has partnered with Middlesbrough boutique Pretty Twisted to expand the range of products offered to include her own range of clothing, hand-made jewellery and homeware.

She has created  a ‘mini’ department store at the outlet on Newport Road after the launch of her own range called  Saint.

Jessie said: “Ever since working in retail at a young age I have always wanted to have more control and insight of how the whole process works- from visual merchandising to buying to accounts and paperwork.

“I took interest in all aspects of ‘behind the scenes’ action- from starting out as a Saturday girl at Arcadia to management level at Pretty Twisted – I’ve tried to soak in anything and everything and now working alongside Pretty Twisted is awesome.”

Specialising in Bohemian clothing, homeware and jewellery – the designer and retail entrepreneur from Nunthorpe in Middlesbrough, broadened her collection which she has launched under the ‘Saint’ brand.

This features as a key element of all concessions within the ‘mini’ department store.

Jessie said: “My time as a design student was very beneficial too offering business advice – Silver Lining Creations was born at my time at university- offering unique and bespoke head-wear and accessories as well as wedding services, these services are now offered within Saint Boutique.”

Kayleigh Aveling and Jessie Saint of the Pretty Twisted and Saint Boutique Collaboration.

Kayleigh Aveling and Jessie Saint of the Pretty Twisted and Saint Boutique Collaboration.

Since the collaboration and official launch in November of 2015 – Saint has continued to expand.

Jessie said: “Social media is crazy, Instagram especially we seem to get a lot of interest from.”

Saint has gained nearly of 4,000 Instagram followers on the independent social profile in just 23 weeks of activity.

As every aspect of retail is beginning to embrace the benefits of online and digital marketing and exposure, ‘Saint’ CEO Jessie has described it as ‘An absolute must’.

She said: “It’s a fantastic tool to have and also a must in my opinion especially with everyone’s fast pace of life these days – myself included.”

Bohemian chic has all the funky essentials and exotic punch of fashion.

This creates a rich cocktail of casual, gypsy 70’s fashion and cultural essence.

There’s no surprise to why this look is so appealing to us and the concessions under Pretty Twisted, alongside ‘Saint’ have been so successful.

With a blossoming social feed and regular customers adorned in the store’s unique riches, this is just the beginning.

Jessie said: “My favourite pieces are the handmade bedspreads and rugs from Jaipur, India. As well as ALL of the jewellery, I have a real soft spot for jewellery.”

“Nag Champa incense has to be a favourite – it has an amazing ability to transport me to Camden in London spending time there with friends when I was younger rummaging around for my next treasure find.”

The ‘mini’ department store has most definitely brought Boho to Boro.

Bohemian style hand-made jewellery from Saint Boutique

Bohemian style hand-made jewellery from Saint Boutique.




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