Panic! at the disco (Death of a bachelor) Review

Album Title: Death of a Bachelor
Publisher: Panic! at the disco
Release Date: 15/01/2016
Tside Rating: Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5
DEATH of a bachelor: cover of Panic! at the disco's newest album

DEATH of a bachelor: cover of Panic! at the disco’s newest album

Fans of Panic! at the disco may have had a three year wait for the release of their fifth album, but Death of a Bachelor doesn’t disappoint.

Creative control is now firmly in the hands of lead vocalist Brendon Urie, and he has been working behind the scenes on this album. He is now the only official remaining member, so the sound of the album is entirely what he wants it to be.

As a result Death of a Bachelor really plays to his strengths and shows a clear direction that it seems Urie wants to go down.

But will fans like this new album? Well from a Panic! at the disco album, fans tend to expect a few things: Brendon Urie’s amazing voice and huge vocal range. Check. An eclectic musical style. Check. Interesting story telling. Check.

However for people (like my self) that had never really taken to the older material will have a pleasant surprise here as the album switches gears slightly from older titles.

By this I mean, if I was asked to tell you the genre for this album, I would have a hard time, but that’s part of what makes it so charming and so thrilling. No two tracks are the same and each one brings something new and unique to the party, and everyone should appreciate at least one track on the album.

I think I need to breakdown all the positives.

Ok, firstly, the style. As I have previously mentioned it eclectic, like really eclectic, it’s all over the place stylistically, but in the best possible way, and some of the tracks will leave you surprised and genuinely satisfied. The album is insanely versatile and will appeal to a larger audience.

The style and genre of songs range from almost mainstream and potentially radio ready with tracks like ‘victorious‘ to more familiar alternative routes, with ‘Don’t threaten me with a good time‘ all the way to a Jazz feel, in songs like ‘Impossible year‘. All of which come off extremely well.

Secondly, the writing. You can really tell Urie has got full creative control, the guy knows how to tell a story. Pretty much every track takes you on a lyrical ride, which leaves you intrigued towards the end. Tracks like ‘Don’t threaten me with a good time’ and ‘Emperors new clothes‘ are fantastic examples of this.

Lastly, and most importantly, Urie’s voice – it sounds phenomenal. His rocky tone works in every song even the jazzy ones. He goes into his tenor high belts in pretty much every song, and the high key works particularly well in songs like, ‘Golden days‘ where he transcends his range brilliantly.

However in the impossible year in particular showcases Urie’s lower voice, sounding baritonal in the main, and this isn’t the only track to feature this type of singing.

As with every Panic! at the disco album Urie’s range is fully utilized, except from his higher head voice which he keeps mostly under wraps this time round.

So far fans of old, or people looking for new music then Death of a bachelor is something I highly recommend.

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Online guide to Friends’ fashion

When you picture student life, you imagine a crazy fresher’s week, late night fuelled by coffee to meet that deadline you’d been putting off, and of course the famous Spring Break.

When in reality you spend your free time eating junk food and watching endless repeats of Friends

Am I right? Of course I am. But have you ever wondered one too many times where Rachael got her top from? Or where you can find Monica’s dress? Look no further, here’s your online guide to the Friends’ fashion throughout the years.

First up is Phoebe’s casual top. phoebe

This is a great top for lounging about in or could also be dressed up with a pair of black skinnies – perfect for a night on the town.

You can find an almost identical version of this tee here in the sale at just £10.50 at House of Fraser.

Even better news, House of Fraser offer a 10% student discount with a valid student ID. Your TUSC card will do just perfectly. Unlike many other stores you can use it on sale items too, so you can get this look for just £9.45!


The next find is Rachael’s lose fit Mom jeans she wears throughout the series. These are jeans that will never go out of fashion, no matter how long you’ve had them in the back of your wardrobe you will always be able to pull them out and look on trend. rach

You can grab these from a Topshop store which is only a short walk from campus where they offer a wide range of different sizes. Or you can just click here!

If you are wanting to complete this look, you can also find this cute crop tee identical in Topshop.

Topshop offers student discount which can sometimes vary from 10 to 20%.

Here’s a picture of Monica rocking the look too.



The last #FriendsFind is Monica’s lace up top.topmon

This khaki lace up top can be found on Miss Selfridge and is available in varies different colours. It also comes in a short sleeve design and a vest style, too. It is the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe as it is high in fashion and such a statement and timeless piece.

Miss Selfridge are currently offering 20% student discount, so get yours before this offer ends.

You can vote here who you think is the most fashionable Friends character.

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Middlesbrough fans say farewell to Ali Brownlee, “The Voice of the Boro”


Thousands of fans gathered at The Riverside to pay their respects

Middlesbrough fans turned out in force to celebrate the life of BBC Tees football commentator, Ali Brownlee, who recently passed away after a short battle with bowel cancer.

Mr Brownlee’s funeral cortege made its way along Linthorpe and Borough road, before passing through the Riverside stadium, where thousands of fans gathered to pay their respects to the man branded “The Voice of the Boro.”

Sue Bargewell, from Coulby Newham described how fond she was of Ali’s commentary.

She said: “My favourite game from Ali is the Man City one, it was absolutely a game I’ll never forget, it was amazing really.”

“I’ve got a lot of memories with Ali, with my husband as well – he was chairman of the Supporters’ Club but unfortunately he passed away with bowel cancer as well.


The BBC Tees team pay their tribute

Nigel Eden, a Middlesbrough fan from Saltburn, said on Ali Brownlee: “You kind of felt like you knew him as well as his family, so it’s incredibly sad for all of Teesside – he loved this area.”

After the cortege, a private funeral service was held for Mr Brownlee at St Mary’s Church in Acklam.


“They broke the mold when they made you” – One of the many tributes left to Ali Brownlee.


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Design graduate brings Boho to Boro

Saint Boutique, bringing concentrated Bohemian flare to Middlesbrough

Saint Boutique, bringing concentrated Bohemian flare to Middlesbrough

A  Teesside design graduate has taken over social media with her next step in retail.

Jessie Saint, is now the CEO of Saint Boutique and  has partnered with Middlesbrough boutique Pretty Twisted to expand the range of products offered to include her own range of clothing, hand-made jewellery and homeware.

She has created  a ‘mini’ department store at the outlet on Newport Road after the launch of her own range called  Saint.

Jessie said: “Ever since working in retail at a young age I have always wanted to have more control and insight of how the whole process works- from visual merchandising to buying to accounts and paperwork.

“I took interest in all aspects of ‘behind the scenes’ action- from starting out as a Saturday girl at Arcadia to management level at Pretty Twisted – I’ve tried to soak in anything and everything and now working alongside Pretty Twisted is awesome.”

Specialising in Bohemian clothing, homeware and jewellery – the designer and retail entrepreneur from Nunthorpe in Middlesbrough, broadened her collection which she has launched under the ‘Saint’ brand.

This features as a key element of all concessions within the ‘mini’ department store.

Jessie said: “My time as a design student was very beneficial too offering business advice – Silver Lining Creations was born at my time at university- offering unique and bespoke head-wear and accessories as well as wedding services, these services are now offered within Saint Boutique.”

Kayleigh Aveling and Jessie Saint of the Pretty Twisted and Saint Boutique Collaboration.

Kayleigh Aveling and Jessie Saint of the Pretty Twisted and Saint Boutique Collaboration.

Since the collaboration and official launch in November of 2015 – Saint has continued to expand.

Jessie said: “Social media is crazy, Instagram especially we seem to get a lot of interest from.”

Saint has gained nearly of 4,000 Instagram followers on the independent social profile in just 23 weeks of activity.

As every aspect of retail is beginning to embrace the benefits of online and digital marketing and exposure, ‘Saint’ CEO Jessie has described it as ‘An absolute must’.

She said: “It’s a fantastic tool to have and also a must in my opinion especially with everyone’s fast pace of life these days – myself included.”

Bohemian chic has all the funky essentials and exotic punch of fashion.

This creates a rich cocktail of casual, gypsy 70’s fashion and cultural essence.

There’s no surprise to why this look is so appealing to us and the concessions under Pretty Twisted, alongside ‘Saint’ have been so successful.

With a blossoming social feed and regular customers adorned in the store’s unique riches, this is just the beginning.

Jessie said: “My favourite pieces are the handmade bedspreads and rugs from Jaipur, India. As well as ALL of the jewellery, I have a real soft spot for jewellery.”

“Nag Champa incense has to be a favourite – it has an amazing ability to transport me to Camden in London spending time there with friends when I was younger rummaging around for my next treasure find.”

The ‘mini’ department store has most definitely brought Boho to Boro.

Bohemian style hand-made jewellery from Saint Boutique

Bohemian style hand-made jewellery from Saint Boutique.




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A welcome return. :Post from Tees Made

Last week we were delighted to welcome Tina Gray, Head of Innovation and Design at Mayborn Group , to the University. Tina gave a special guest lecture entitled “Working in Design, Perspectives from a leading design and manufacturing company”

Mayborn are best known for their Tommee Tippee brand which can be found in the major highstreet retailers.    Their feeding, weaning and monitoring products are used by parents and children around the world. Tina gave some insights into the Mayborn design and development process from briefing to production, and some of the issues that operate in this highly competitive market.Tina also discussed the skills and qualities that she looks for when recruiting designers.

After the lecture Tina spent the afternoon in the Product Design studio talking informally with students “one-to-one” and in small groups.

Tina and Mayborn are great friends of the course and it always pleasure to welcome our friends to give specialist lectures.




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‘Team 34′ Prepare To Get Colourful for Cancer

A group of Teesside shopworkers are running the 5k Colour Obstacle Rush at Newcastle Racecourse  to support a friend  who is battling Cancer.

Sophie Shepherd, Sara Ford, Theona Galeav, Amy Fairburn, Emma Johns, Mariela Gowland and Charlotte Thornton,  aged between 19-29, are all from the Stockton and Middlesbrough area and have worked together in the  Newlook store based at Teesside Park.

Their friend Rachael Paver, 22, from Hartlepool who also works in Newlook, was diagnosed last July with Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia, a cancer of the white blood cells.

She has been receiving treatment on Ward 34 of the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, the Northern Centre for Cancer Care.

During treatment in November, she graduated from Teesside University with a 2:1 in Criminology and Law.

Rachael's Graduation Day, 26/11/2105

Rachael’s Graduation Day, 26/11/2015

Rachael’s progress is amazing and she is well enough to run the course with her friends and their team name is ‘Team 34′.

The event was supposed to take place in September last year but will now be run on May 21 this year.

However, they still managed to raise £130 in sponsorship and decided to donate it to the Teenage Cancer Trust, 1062559.

Teenage Cancer Trust is dedicated to improving the quality of life and chances of survival for young cancer patients aged 13-24.

This time, Rachael wants any money raised to go to Ward 34, an adult oncology ward and also home to the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit, created specifically for the Teenage and Young Adult patients aged 19-24.

Rachael said: “The staff are fab, like a little family. They all know exactly what they are doing.”

Christopher Layfield, the Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator, who is  based on Ward 34 said: “Money raised for Ward 34 goes to the development of equipment for the day room, staffing, activities on and off the ward, transport for patients and anything which can enhance a patients stay with us during this hard time.”

Last year Sophie and Rachael, along with other Newlookers Steph Sharp and Hannah Clare, completed a zip-line off the Transporter Bridge for the British Heart Foundation.

Between them they raised over £600.

Right to left: Sophie Shepherd, Rachael Paver, Steph Sharp, Hannah Clare preparing to zipwire off the Transporter Bridge.

Left to Right: Sophie Shepherd, Rachael Paver, Steph Sharp and Hannah Clare preparing to zip line off the Transporter Bridge. 24/01/2015

There is still time to register for the Colour Run as an individual or group at

With 20 crazy obstacles including foamy slip ‘n’ slides, inflatable bouncy castles and not forgetting the eight colour stations, the girls can’t wait to get involved.

Rachael said: “I’m looking forward to running it even if I might have to walk some of it.”

Sara said: “I’m exhausted just reading about it!”

While Theona said: “I’m so excited, I’ve even started training five days a week so that is how dedicated I am.”

So far, all of the girls taking part in the Colour Run have over £130 in sponsors for Ward 34.

To support ‘Team 34′ you can donate via

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Vintage Fashion Growing Rapidly in Middlesbrough

In recent years the vintage trend has taken Middlesbrough by storm with more and more independent businesses dominating the high street.

Any keen fan of the trend will already know about and have visited the vintage heart of Middlesbrough known as Baker Street.

cece vintage 2

CeCe Vintages first shop in the Dundas Arcade. @cecevintage

The street boasts an array of independent businesses including a medley of retro shops and quirky eateries popular with all ages.

Middlesbrough residents seem to love the street for the unique quality of clothing that can’t be found anywhere else.

One of Baker Streets’ latest editions is CeCe Vintage, a place where “Boho vibes meets Vintage” in fashion.

The business was started by sisters Serena and Melody Wilkinson who both have a passion for individual style.

Originally, CeCe Vintage was located in the Dundas Arcade and once word got out about the new brand and their customer base grew, they were able to move to the popular street.

Located within another Vintage shop on the street, Vintageous Rags, the brand is thriving with a strong social media presence.

One fan of the vintage scene in Middlesbrough is Naomi Walker, 22.

She said: “I come down to Baker Street every other week to see all the new stock.”

cecevintage 1

Stock available from CeCe Vintage. @cecevintage

Naomi, who works as a retail assistant in Teesside Park, said she often grows bored of seeing racks upon racks of the same clothing.

She said: “Shopping in Baker Street is always exciting; you never know what you’ll find.”

In 2015, Baker Street was named a ‘Rising Star’ in the Great British High Street competition.

The success of Baker Street has even sparked the refurbishment of neighbouring Bedford Street.

You can follow CeCe Vintage on instagram: @cecevintage1

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Students celebrate Chinese New Year

CELEBRATION: Traditional Chinese Dragon dance entertains guests

CELEBRATION: Traditional Chinese Dragon dance entertains guests

TEESSIDE University students held a Chinese banquet with live entertainment to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The cultural event was held at the Terrace Bar in Teesside University’s award winning Student Union.

Over 400 students and members of the public attended the event, everyone was free to watch the entertainment and the price of the Chinese buffet was just £3 per person.

A wide range of traditional Chinese food was available to everyone. The dishes included pork in black bean sauce; egg fried rice; and aubergine in oyster sauce.

The catering was provided by local catering company “The Other Perspective”. The company provides food for all of Teesside University’s big events.

Bini Araia, Director of The Other Perspective said: “It’s key for success to show that you care and embrace other people’s culture.

“One way of showcasing that is by celebrating their key dates and events.”

Bini added: “I think it’s important that we value and encourage institutions to do similar things to what Teesside University is doing at the moment.”

DELICIOUS: The Other Perspective catering team

DELICIOUS: The Other Perspective catering team

As well as Chinese food, guests were treated to a live Chinese Dragon dance show.

The Chinese Dragon dance was performed by a team of two performers in a dragon costume.

Traditionally, the Chinese Dragon is supposed to bring good luck to the community. The longer the dragon, the more luck it will bring.

The UK is home to over 430,000 international students and over 11% percent of them come from China.

Michael Lavery, Executive Director of External Relations, said: “Events such as this support the integration of our international student body to make them feel welcome at the University.

“As a result, in the recent International Student Barometer 2015, Teesside was ranked as one of the top three Universities in the UK for overall satisfaction amongst its international students.”

2016 is the year of the Monkey. The year of the Monkey is the ninth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

According to Chinese legend, this year is supposed to bring good fortune to people also born in a year of the Monkey.

Mr Lavery added: “Bringing people together in a social situation to celebrate the customs of different cultures, such as Chinese New Year, helps to promote tolerance and understanding.

“It also equips our students with an international perspective and prepares them to be part of a global workforce.”

For more information about Teesside University events, visit: or follow Teesside University on Twitter: @TeessideUni

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Jack Garratt – Phase (Album Review)

Album Title: PHASE
Release Date: 19/02/2016
Tside Rating: Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5
ONE MAN BAND: Jack Garratt - Phase

ONE MAN BAND: Jack Garratt – Phase

Ahead of the Brit awards on Wednesday 24th February, Critic’s choice winner Jack Garratt has released his debut album.

To win the critics choice award is almost a sign of surefire success, with past winners including the likes of  Adele, Sam Smith and Jessie J, just to name a few.

Garratt is a mixture between past winners James Bay and Tom Odell, with a dubstep twist.

His debut album Phase takes on many genres; dubstep, garage and R&B and they never look out of place.

It took Jack four years to create Phase and it’s no wonder as he plays every instrument and produced it himself.

Hard hitting drum and bass are clear in  ‘Coalesce (Synesthesia Pt. II)’ and rests comfortably on tracks like ‘Chemical’.

The album is a great mixture though and when Jack gets the balance right, it’s hard not to become a fan.

Heavy beats are calmed down through tracks ‘Worry‘ and ‘ The Love You’re Given‘.

It’s hard to replicate an energetic live performer, but this modern day one man band tries his very hardest throughout Phase.

Surprise Yourself‘ takes time to build, it focuses most on Garratt’s wonderful falsetto vocals before a choir vocal and power chord driven chorus makes you want to get up and do something useful with your life.

Key track of the album is ‘Weathered‘ which undoubtably unlocks the huge potential of Garratt and his song writing abilities. Building up from its gospel beginnings to a slow beat and lightly flickering guitar hook – the pay-off is worth the wait

It will sell due to the exposure that Jack Garratt has had and he can go on to create the masterpiece that is expected by his hype.

For the moment though, Phase is a great introduction to Jack Garratt and his multi-instrumental talents.

Track List:

Coalesce (Synesthesia Pt. II)
Breathe Life
Far Cry
The Love You’re Given
I Know All What I Do
Surprise Yourself
Synesthesia Pt. III
My House Is Your Home

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