Romance could be on the menu at these Boro eating spots.

WITH Valentines Day just around the corner, we at Tside are here to give you the lowdown on Boro’s top eating spots.

When you think Valentines  you think romantic meals. But where in Boro hits that spot?



1. Central Park Middlesbrough.

A classy establishment situated opposite Middlesbrough’s scenic Albert Park, certainly one of Boro’s better views. With large glass windows at the front of the restaurant it is easier than you’d think to soak in the atmosphere and forget you are in Middlesbrough at all, how about enjoying a meal in Central Park, New York- what could be more romantic than that?

With two courses at £10.95 per person, prices are very reasonable and not going to set you back a ridiculous amount, so no taking the romantic shine off the affair when it comes to settling the bill.



2. Al Forno.

Yet another classy joint, this one situated on Southfield  Road- so a literal stones throw from Uni- it is perfect for a romantic Valentines meal. With Italian Chic design throughout the restaurant you would be forgiven for thinking you were enjoying a meal in Venice rather than Southfield Road, anything for a little romantic escape?

Al Forno also roll out their special Valentines menu, with 2 courses for £22.95 or 3 courses for £25.95 prices are a little steep, but can you really put a price on love?




3. Starter

Starters is a Valentines Day heaven. Situated literally next door to the cinema, why not a film after your meal? Make a night of it after all.

The restaurant has a nice vibe to it, and looks really expensive without actually being a real wallet buster. Starters pride themselves on their unique dining experience- ‘choose as little or as much as you want’- by which you can have just the one course, or a little bit of every dish if you or your partner are a fussy eater.

Prices range from £10.95 through to £25.95 so again, another reasonable choice for a Valentines meal.

4. The Oven.



Linthorpe Roads newest restaurant. The Oven comes with all of the ambiance you could possibly hope for and food that is positively divine. The theme of the restaurant is hard to pin down, it is very busy but is a lovely environment to enjoy a meal. If I was to try and describe it, I would go with a shabby chic bistro.

The food is of the best quality and service is second to none. Overall an enjoyable experience for any occasion, especially Valentines day.

The Oven is also rolling out a special Valentines menu, with 3 courses for £29.95- steep for some student budgets, but why not treat yourself.


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How to beat the Winter blues

Winter is said to be the most depressing time of the year. After all of the festivities of heavy drinking and eating junk food have ended, people are left feeling sluggish, overweight and not feeling particularly good about themselves.

A condition called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” affects a lot of people at this time, as the lack of sunlight and dreary weather sends a lot of people into depression.

It becomes a very reflective time for most people, as joining gyms, looking for new jobs and booking holidays for the summer are very high on the agenda.

Here’s five tips to help you deal with the Winter blues:

1. Do some exercise – This doesn’t necessarily mean an intensive workout; even as much as a brisk walk somewhere or a light jog. The post- effects of exercise release endorphins and vastly improve your mood.

2. Book a holiday – Give yourself something to look forward to!

3. Try something new – Identify something you are interested in and make some ideas based off that. Try and aspire to achieve something you’ve always wanted to do and go for it!

4. Eat healthily – Although eating chocolate and getting takeaways make you feel good at the time, they won’t improve your mood at all. Eating healthily will make you feel a lot more positive about yourself and maybe make you lose a few pounds in the process!

5. Listen to uplifting music – Listening to depressing and moribid music will only make you feel worse. It’s believed that the vibrational energy from music heals your soul, so you should notice a change when you hear something you like.


STRUGGLE: January is a hard month to get through for most people




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In the Heart of the Sea – Sinking Ship

Movie Title: In The Heart Of The Sea
Director: Ron Howard
Release Date: 26/12/15
Tside Rating: Tside Rating: 3 out of 5

Call Me Ishmael. The famous first line from the book that this film is based upon, ‘Moby Dick.’ Sadly, a classic this film isn’t.

In the Heart of the Sea is the story of the ill-fated whaling vessel named ‘Essex’ famous for being taken down by fabled “Great White Whale.”

Or the trailers would have you to believe, it is would be more accurate to say that it is the story of Owen Chase, played by Chris Hemsworth, and his relationship with his Captain George Pollard, played by Benjamin Walker, his wife, played by Teesside’s own Charlotte Riley, and the Great White Whale, played by a whale.

This is where In the Heart of the Sea begins to falter, the plot becomes confused and you begin to feel yourself caring less about him getting home to his wife, less about his hatred for his captain and more interested about the incredible size of the whale.

CALL ME ISHMAEL: Chris Hemsworth

CALL ME ISHMAEL: Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth once again plays a pretty character whose acting is questionable and who can’t quite make up his mind where he wants his accent to be from, often dipping in and out of a vague American to a bouncy Australian. Benjamin Walker plays an adequate Captain Pollard whose character gathers hatred from the audience less so from his characters inability to lead a vessel as a Greenhorn sailor, and more from his overacting and almost obsessive need to shout at people and slam his hand on things.

If you can move away from Ron Howard’s love of a slight green tint in his movie’s colour pallete, what you get is an incredibly beautifully shot movie which pulls you right into 1820’s Nantucket. The sea, the huge larger than life mammals and raw ferocity of the open ocean are the real stars of this movie, with the thunderous storms and the white-knuckle engagements with the Great White Whale, this movie is saved only by its Cinematography and its famed antagonist.

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Hat’s the way to do it to raise money for The Samaritans.


Student Services Volun-tees Committee in Fancy Hats: From Left to Right (Chris Adamson, Trish Tarrant, Jayne Golden, Andy Price and Jo Garbutt)

If you’re feeling silly, fancy or charitable  then why not help  raise funds for the Samaritans by wearing your craziest or your stylish hat for the day around the Teesside University campus?


Andy Price posing as the “Bowler Hat man”

The event is being held and organised by the Volun-tees committee in the hope of raising the profile of the Teesside Samaritans, along with helping to raise funds for the organisation.

The Teesside Samaritans has a close relationship with the University and its students and require funds to keep running its services in the community.

The Teesside Samaritans currently don’t receive any funding from the Government.

The local community plays a vital role in funding the Samaritans, so all help is welcomed.

Teesside Samaritans has been offering emotional support to the people of Teesside for nearly fifty years.

And with so many students benefitting from the work that the Samaritans provide, along with many volunteers being students of Teesside University, it is important that this fundraiser helps achieve its goal by raising funds to help the day to day operations of the organisation.


Jo Garbutt- Caught Peeking as Flamingo Girl

You can help raise money by giving what you have at donation points throughout the University Campus or at Student Services.

For more information about the Fancy Hat Fundraiser contact the Student Services.

So please make a donation and wear your craziest or most stylish hat on   Wednesday February 24  and enter into the Best Hat or Group Hat Competition by sending your photos to:

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Are live TV games ruining the beautiful game for football fans?

Live sports broadcasters have recently been coming under a lot of criticism after the constant re-scheduling of football fixtures for TV and the lack of thought for the fans.

Leeds United’s Sky Bet Championship home fixture against Middlesbrough was set to take place on Saturday February 13 but has now been moved with just under four weeks noticed to Monday February 15.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 00.29.56

Tickets for the game between Leeds United and Middlesbrough showing the date and time has been changed by hand due to the late re-scheduling.

This has sparked outrage from both sets of fans and comes just a month after Leeds chairman, Massimo Cellino, reluctantly allowed Sky Sports cameras into Elland Road to cover their game against Derby County due to the persistent changing of their fixtures.

And Cellino is not alone.

Sheffield United manager, Nigel Adkins, has recently spoken out about his disappointment after his side’s away tie at Southend was moved for live television coverage.

“I really feel for the fans,” Adkins told The Star.

Middlesbrough fan Liam Holmes, 23, a pub chef from Redcar,  said: “It’s becoming beyond a joke now and it’s happening far too often.”

“Me and four friends had booked train tickets and accommodation in Leeds from Friday until the Sunday.

“Now the game has been moved to the Monday night we have lost out on around £400 between us  simply because the train tickets and the hotel are non-refundable.

“I also can’t afford to attend the game anymore and even if I could, I doubt I would be able to get the Monday night off work.

“Football should always be played on a Saturday and always kick off at three o’clock.”

A Journalist from the Yorkshire Evening Post used Twitter to announce to raise concern.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 00.35.52

Despite a lot of negativity there are clearly a lot of people who enjoy live televised football with  over 300,000 people tuning  in to watch Middlesbrough vs. Leeds United in the return fixture at the Riverside.

“I love the fact football is on television,” Said 57 year old, David Somerset from Guisborough.

“These days’ working class people are priced out of the game. £37 for a second tier football match is nothing short of disgraceful.

“Thanks to the game being on TV  I can go down the local pub and watch it for free.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 00.35.43

This fixture will be the 13th time Leeds United has featured on TV this season, more than any other club in the Sky Bet Championship.

The Football League have since released a statement apologising to both sets of fans for the late changing of the fixture.


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Teesside goes all out for National Student Volunteering Week – can you help?

Teesside University’s volunteering service, Volun-tees, has organised plenty of events for the upcoming National Student Volunteering Week, and they want students to help make a difference.

Beginning on Monday February 22 there will be lots going on across campus.

On the Monday, universities across the North East region will be fundraising for various charities.

Teesside will also be collecting toiletries and warm clothes for the Salvation Army, and A Way Out, based in Stockton.

A WAY OUT: Teesside University students help out the Stockton charity

A WAY OUT: Teesside University students help out the Stockton charity

A Way Out is an outreach and prevention charity based in Stockton-on-Tees, working with the most vulnerable and at risk individuals, seeking to empower and equip them to find a way out of life-limiting and life-controlling situations.

Donations can be made at the Student Services reception.

On Tuesday, a Volunteering Fair will be held in the foyer of The Curve and the foyer of the School of Social Sciences, Business & Law from 10:30am until 1pm.

There will also be stalls set up in the Curve, School of Social Sciences, Business & Law, Student’s Union, Stephenson building, and the library, to give students the chance to register their mobile phones with the Immobilise National Database, which helps prevent mobile phone theft.

Students can don their fanciest, wackiest, or weirdest hats on Wednesday as part of Volun-tees’ Fancy Hat Fundraiser. Donation points will be at the Student Services reception, and at the receptions for each individual school.

‘Try It Thursday’ will bring with it a ‘Wok Up and Cook’ Chinese cooking session, where international students will visit different halls to teach students how to make easy and delicious Chinese food, as well as demonstrate the importance of eating together.

Friday’s events are still to be announced, but on Saturday, the Boro Angels will be holding a taster session at 10pm.

They are a group of excellent volunteers dedicated to helping people in distress on nights out in the town centre, and provide great assistance and comfort to the people they help.

I spoke to Volun-tees volunteer co-ordinator Jayne Golden about the upcoming events.

VOLUN-TEES: The service helps students find their ideal volunteering opportunity

VOLUN-TEES: The service helps students find their ideal volunteering opportunity

“National Student Volunteering Week aims to showcase the wide range of volunteering opportunities available.

“Whether you want to develop employability skills, help support local charities, or just have some fun and meet new people, there are some great activities for you to take part in.”

Volun-tees are currently looking for people to help collect toiletries on Monday, and to man the Immobilise stalls on Tuesday. More information can be found here and here, respectively.

These events have all been put on for an excellent cause, so please get involved, whether it’s just through donating, wearing a fancy hat, or lending a hand, you can give something back to the local community through Volun-tees!

You can also find more information on the Volun-tees website, or by emailing


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Students smash 24-hour charity marathon

Students from Teesside University completed a 24-hour cycle marathon to raise money for charity.

Members of the Student Representatives and students from various clubs and societies came together to raise £235 for Crohns & Colitis UK, a charity which helps people with these diseases which cause inflammation of parts of the digestive system,

The other charity that the money was raised for was Bloodrun Emergency Voluntary Service who provide free urgent courier services to North East NHS Hospitals and Trusts.

The event was held during RAG (Raise and Give) Week which runs annually within the university. Each participant chose a house from a timetable that they would cycle on one of two spinning cycles set up in the Student Union.

BLOOD, SWEAT AND GEARS: Hard work for charity.

BLOOD, SWEAT AND GEARS: Hard work for charity.

Simon Verrill, Teesside Student Representative, who set up the event, said: “Thank you goes to the staff at the SU, who helped out above and beyond, Luke Stretton who gave the go ahead for the event, security who agreed to cover throughout the night, and the marketing team who promoted it for us.”

“The biggest thank you has to go the participants and staff at the Brittan Building gym who donated the bikes for us to use, without these we wouldn’t have reached the £235 we finally raised.

“It’s just nice to know that simply taking out 24 hours to raise some money, no matter how much, can make possibly enough of a difference to change someone’s life forever.”

President of the Student Union, Ashley Mehnert, said: “I was part of last year’s 24 hour cycle marathon, and this event was no different, good people getting together to help great charities. It’s always a massive effort from our Student Representative, societies and clubs at this university.”

EQUIPMENT READY: Spinning bikes used during the event.

EQUIPMENT READY: Spinning bikes used during the event.


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The hidden truth about student drug taking

IS drug taking among students more common than you think?

Everybody is aware university brings along new experiences such as; living independently, cooking, parties etc, however, to some, drug taking is part of that experience.

Some students may find themselves involved in drug taking at a party or even just a normal night, while others find themselves addicted to daily doses.

It has been estimated that at least 60% of students will have tried cannabis while 33% of undergraduates will experiment with other substances.

In 2013, Leeds University was classed as the most popular institution for student drug taking according to the Daily Mail.

The report said that eight out of ten undergraduates had tried illegal substances.

STUDENTS DRUG TAKING: Picture by The Guardian

STUDENTS DRUG TAKING: Picture by The Guardian

Robert, not his real name, is currently in his second year studying Computing Science.

He shared his story with Tside and told us about his struggle with drugs in the past and how he overcame his addiction.

Robert describes drugs as a “natural escape” and suggests that it is only you that is going to be able to change things.

”It was originally twice a week and then it went up to almost a full week of taking drugs and hanging around people who did drugs” He said.

”I don’t think anyone wakes up and thinks I want to be a drugs addict.

“In a way I was fortunate enough not to go down some of the routes that people I have met have went down to using even harder drugs.”

Police statistics in Middlesbrough show that by November 2015, 40% of crimes were drug related.

In December, a Vietnamese gang was caught after growing a cannabis farm worth more than £1 million.

Recent incidents from this year in Clairville and North Ormesby both also involved the growing of cannabis in a household.

Landlords are being asked to be more cautious over their properties and regularly inspect it.

Robert advises students suffering from drug addiction to seek professional help from organisations such as ‘Mind’ who also support people with mental health problems. Visit for more information.

*Robert’s real name was changed to protect his identity.

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It’s pole dancing but not as you think you know it.

Teesside Pole Fitness member in action

Teesside Pole Fitness member in action

Not long ago many people wouldn’t have considered  Pole Dancing or Pole Fitness as a performance art, never mind a legitimate sport.

However, times have changed it is no longer associated with certain types of clubs and nightclubs but rather a growing sport with many benefits.

Pole dancing has been known to provide many positive health benefits, both psychically and mentally, such as confidence boosting, a form of stress relief, muscle building, weight loss and even fat burning.

An exercise once praised by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who took up the sport after her first pregnancy, it has come a long way from the sleazy stereotype to becoming a sport with a growing number of health conscience enthusiasts taking part.

With the sport/art form being encouraged by Kate Middleston, I wanted to try it for myself and understand why the aerobic exercise is being performed by thousands of men and women throughout the United Kingdom.

I met the Chair of the Teesside University Pole Fitness Team  Jessica Clark and Club Founder Stacey Warcup to understand more about the sport and to experience it for myself.

Stacey founded the Club after she returned to Teesside after pursuing the sport in Sunderland.

However, with no clubs available within the Middlesbrough area, Stacey decided to start the club with a few of her friends.

With some struggles at the start, the club has received funding from the Students’ Union and is looking to encourage more students to join the Pole Fitness experience.

Stacy said  the physical challenges and group spirit that is involved makes it a legitimate sport deserving of its newfound popularity.

“It is a sport that uses dance, gymnastics, flexibility and all sorts really and combines it,” she said.

“It’s basically gymnastics, but on a vertical pole.”

With over 120 students having an interest in the club this year it could arguably be the most sexiest, artistic and athletic thing you can legally do at Teesside University Campus, so why not join Jess and the rest of the gang and try a new experience every Monday and Tuesday evening, at the student union.

For more details about the club visit:

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Teesside Campus Fashion Spy

F a s h i o n S p y 

Tside reporter Katie Andrews checks out this month’s  style around the Teesside University Campus….

I went around the campus to spy on our fashionable students. My mission was to spot what each student was wearing, their monthly spend and who their style icon is…..

Kirsty Deegan, 19

Monthly spend: £130-£180
Wore What?
 Jumper: New Look £20, scarf: New Look £10, Jeans: Pull & Bear £40, Boots: Primark £15
I love casual and comfy clothes for going to uni. My favorite high street store is  New Look. I love a great bargain and I always seem to find amazing bargains in New Look!
 I really like Cheryl Coles fashion sense. She dresses classy and casual which is just like me.



Jack Matthews, 20


Monthly Spend: £70
Wore What?
Tees-shirt: Primark £4, Jacket: ASOS £30, Jeans: Topman £20, Shoes: Schuh £50
I like dressing smart because it makes me feel confident. I like finding a good bargain and like being comfortable.
I like G-eezy’s style. I think his style is cool and fresh. I also really like how he presents himself day to day.








Meadhbh Brennan, 20
 Monthly spend: £100
Wore What?
Jumper: Primark £12, Coat: Topshop £50, Jeans: Zara £35, Boots: Primark £15
I love faux fur coats. I think a good faux fur glams up any outfit. I like being fashionable, quirky and comfortable in my day to day wear. I also love getting super glam for a night out in the town with my girls!
I look up to Jessica Woodly from Made In Chelsea. She is always so casual but so glam, I love that look!
Dan Kearton, 20
Monthly spend: £100
Wore what?
Tee-shirt: £1 Ebay, Shirt: £15 ASOS, Jeans, £15 ASOS, Shoes: Converse £60
I love being casual during the day. I could spend all my money on converse shoes. I really love converse they are casual and so comfortable. I also seem to pick up some great bargains on Ebay!
I don’t really look up to anyone for fashion I just go with what looks good on models.
Kerri McCulloch, 21
Monthly Spend: £150
Wore what?
Top: H&M £14, Coat: River Island £115, Jeans: Primark £10, Boots: Timberland £110
I love being comfy and casual. I love boots, I think a nice pair of boots matches anything and looks great! I also love a good pamper sesh with the girls for a night out!
I love Kendall Jenner. Shes isn’t much like her sisters as her style is so different. She looks great casual and dressy! 






Andrew Fenny, 19


Monthly Spend: £50
Wore what?
Jumper: River Island £30, Jacket: ASOS £150, Jeans: New Look £19.99, Shoes: Addidas £75
I just like being comfortable and casual for during the day. I think being casual looks good.
I don’t really have a style Icon. I just go with my own style and what clothes I think looks good.

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