Queen of Hate mixes vodka with outrageous humour

Season six winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race has recently been touring around the UK.

Bianca Del Rio’s final show was in Newcastle’s O2 Academy, this was her 93rd show in the UK.

Opening up with personal stories from her childhood, Del Rio plays a vintage video montage mixed with raunchy humour.


The drag queen gives you an insight and the true stories on how she became the self-proclaimed Queen of Hate.

She’s incredibly witty and just the right amount of offensive. There is no doubt about it, Bianca was crowned the queen for a reason.

With the Rolodex of Hate, Bianca not only had you rolling in your seat laughing but she also shares what life has been like since RuPaul’s Drag Race. Her sharp tongue comes alive most during a brutally honest live audience Q&A.

The Newcastle show was her 93rd and final performance in the UK.

The Newcastle show was her 93rd and final performance in the UK.

If you paid VIP price and you were lucky enough to be sat close to the queen, then you can’t be mad when she comes for you.

She mocked one audience member on his poor taste in clothes and also mocked the lighting guy for not drinking wine with her.

She then proceeded to share that the venue had cheap wine, and the glasses weren’t big enough while comparing her glass of wine to an audience members.

Every other sentence is punctuated with a loud “f**k you”. While occasionally taking breaks to have shots of vodka with people in the audience.

She is a wonderful entertainer who is offensively funny. 

The comedy show was stand-up in the tradition of Joan Rivers with non-stop laughter from beginning to end.

During an interview in the past Bianca Del Rio was asked her opinions on people who complain about her humour.

She replied: “Listen: People have been too PC lately. People have been too concerned with things that don’t matter. You can’t say certain words. You can’t say tranny, you can’t say fag…”

“The bottom line is this: I’m a man in a wig who stuffed my d*ck in panty hose, and you’ve come to see me. Get a fucking sense of humor. It ain’t that serious. We have bigger issues to deal with. Donald Trump running for president. That is an issue.”

Del Rio ends the show with a montage of other drag queens from the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise. During the short video she offers her unfiltered opinion on each of them.

The Rolodex of Hate is now available to watch on vimeo, here is the trailer below:


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