High Crime Rates Affecting Teesside Students

Crime rates in Middlesbrough are higher than average for the Cleveland force area. In October alone 1,110 crimes were reported.

Ste Riddle, a 20 year old student, was stabbed in the arm and face in The Empire in Middlesbrough on the 20th of September.

Ste Riddle's injuries affect the attack


The 20 year old sustained injuries to his arm and head at 2:30am. The nightclub where the incident took place is one of the most popular nightclubs for students. Theimages show the extent of Ste’s injuries, after he was allegedly stabbed on a dance floor.

After the horrific ordeal he received treatment at James Cook University Hospital. The victim, took to social media to appeal for witnesses to the incident that occurred on the bottom dance floor of the Corporation Road nightclub.

This is not the only type of crime in Middlesbrough that effects Teesside University students. It doesnt come as a shock after taking a look at the hot spot area’s for crime in Middlesbrough. Areas such as Linthrope Road, Southfield Road and Gresham Road have the highest crime rates. All of these areas are located close to Teesside University. The most common crimes reported are anti-social behavior, violence and sexual offences and criminal damage.

Teesside University Student Matthew Pickles has been effected by criminal damage on his car.

Broken window and criminal damage

The student had his car window smashed outside his house on Clarendon Road. This is not the first time this has happened to the 21 year old.

Matthew Pickles said: “I live with my friends on Clarendon road and it is a common occurrence that my car is damaged. I think students are trying to be safe whilst studying but criminals make us feel on edge and it is upsetting for this to happen especially on a tight student budget.”

“I understand why students are on edge. We need to be very careful, it’s a dangerous area. Staying with friends on nights out and keeping your belongings out of sight are the best ways to try and stay safe.”

“Lock all doors, even if you are in your house/car at the time or not and make sure there is nothing on show. Most of the criminals are opportunist and if they they see anything they will pounce. They are audacious enough to try it break into a car at 2pm so will be willing to try anything at any time.”


Katie Andrews a transfer student at Teesside University has moved to Middlesbrough this year to complete her degree.

She said; “I live in Woodland Halls find it hard to sleep at night, I just don’t feel very safe. Possibly because I’m not used to living in an area where crime rates are so high.”

“My advice for other transfer students would be to be careful on nights out stick with your friends, don’t leave drinks and mostly to lock your doors just in case. Better safe than sorry really.”

If you are worried abut crime in the Middlesbrough area contact Cleveland Police 999 for emergencies and 101 for non emergencies.

Listen to the sound cloud piece below where students speak out about how crime has affected them and they give their advice on how to stay safe.

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