Brand New Four Piece Boy Band.

The Brand New Boy Band: Pretty Vicious

Four Piece Rock Band

Four Piece Rock Band


Pretty Vicious, a band consisting of four young males, are said to be the next big thing for those lovers of rock and indie music.

The four piece band are amongst the hottest of the teenage boy bands.

They recently signed a record deal which was announced on Facebook straight away “WE HAVE SIGNED TO VIRGIN EMI RECORDS!”

The formation of the band was back in Wales in 2014 in a town called Merthyr Tydfil.

They have recently been holding gigs all over England, the most recent being in Newcastle.

The music is new and current, which ultimately sets them aside from other bands.

There progression since forming back in March 2014 is exceptional, they have a few tracks out and have even performed alongside rock legends Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr.

Some of their music include ‘Cave song’ and ‘Are you entertained’ These can be listened to at the following link:

“Cave song” being a track that was inspired by their hometown in Wales, the lyrics are about growing up in that town.

The band when interviewing them in Newcastle before their gig said they were “excited to be supporting Noel Gallagher’s High Flying birds”

The boys, Brad Griffiths, 17, Elliott Jones, 16, Thom McCarthy 17, and Jarvis Morgan, 18 have been working on music most their lives. They said the following when interviewing them at The Cluny in Newcastle last week:

“You should expect when coming to our gigs it to be very loud, you will have a headache the next morning. Once the album is out we hope people will know the songs better and be able to sing along to our music and have a good time. It’s hard when you don’t have an album as people don’t know the songs.”

Fans of the band are potentially waiting for the album release knowing it can only be soon.

One fan before the gig said they “hoped that it would be soon after the tour and couldn’t wait for it”

It seems they have much support back home, touring all around England and being at different places nearly every day they said they don’t always get friends and family coming along to there gigs but back home they will always be there showing their support.

“We are hoping it sells out on the door tonight, we don’t have friends coming to this one, but we do normally when we perform in wales.

It seems there sudden fame has started to really pick up since there average day now consists of touring lots and talking to fans, they said they are always “drinking, writing songs really, we are in the van most of the time so our life involves sleeping and touring, driving, we don’t have much free time anymore. You can’t even sleep because it’s like bumpy roads your constantly driving on. Your either in bed or in a pub.”

So far they have not only travelled around England but gone as far as Japan. When asking them about their experiences so far as a group they said it has been absolutely amazing.

Their favourite place to perform so far has been Japan “Japan, probably, from this tour. It was a great crowd, and just the fact we were in Japan because it was massive, the crowds, the place; we had such a great time. It’s wicked.”

It is unknown what is coming next for this young boy band, but it is definitely looking as though they have a bright future ahead of them, as they already have many fans and followers on their social media.

You can follow the band our their Facebook page and Twitter page at:

See this Youtube video below to hear what the boys said at Interview before gig in Newcastle at The Cluny.



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