The Official Charts comes to Teesside University

The Official Charts are set to kick off their brand new Official Charts After Party tour at Teesside University this Friday.

Dirtee Disco is being taken over for the night as the university’s Students’ Union has been selected as one of just five university venues across the UK to host the event tour in association with New Look.

Charts stars, Melissa Steel and Karen Harding, will co-headline the bill and will be joined by rising stars, WSTRN, a West-London hip-hip electro trio who release their new single, In2, the same day.

Karen Harding entered the Official Singles Chart Top 10 earlier this year with Say Something, her debut single that set dance floors and festivals, including Lovebox and Ibiza Rocks, alight this summer.

She said: “I’m so excited to be playing the first ever Official Charts After Party in association with New Look.”

“It’s gonna be MASSIVE, see you all there.”

Melissa Steel, who has scored Top 10s with her debut single, Kisses For Breakfast, added: “I’m really looking forward to performing at the Official Charts after party!

“It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m ready to bring some energy.”


The show will be hosted by DJ Cel Spellman, who presents Radio 1’s The Number One Show, as well as DJ duo The Mac Twins, who will take control of a live interactive chart battle where the crowd can decide which tune gets played next.

The After Party tour is sponsored by New Look who will be there scouting out the best looks of the night and inviting people to their selfie booth.

You could also be the lucky recipient of one of four £50 New Look vouchers by simply Tweeting to @OfficialCharts and @Newlookfashion on the night.

July 10 saw a big shift for the Official Charts, changing the UK release date from Monday to Friday in order to come in line with the rest of the world to create a weekly Global Release Day.

Martin Talbot, Chief Executive of the Official Charts Company, said: “The past 12 months have witnessed some of the biggest changes in the history of the Official Charts – from the inclusion of streaming into the Official Singles and Albums Charts, the introduction of global release day, and the launch of the Official Vinyl Charts.”

“With such momentum behind the charts right now, we’re tremendously excited to be partnering with Coalition and Renegade to build on this, and bring the Official Charts to life in a live setting.”

Advance tickets for the one-night-only event are available from the Terrace Bar until Friday for just £4.


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Localism and SSI

Local art museum, Mima, have thrown open their doors to celebrate Middlesbrough’s heritage in an extremely unique way.

The latest exhibition, named Localism, is an ambitious project designed to tell the story of our industrial town from 1829 till the present day.

The idea is to change the perception of art from a spectator sport into something which residents can get involved with. As well as imagery, the exhibition includes stills from Ridley Scott’s iconic film, Bladerunner, inspired by Middlebrough’s dramatic landscape.

The launch of Localism

The launch of Localism

On interviewing Alistair Hudson, Director of Art at Mima, his office was filled with contemporary art, shelves of books which he joked was a “small library” and a blackboard filled with ideas and brainstorms. It was clear that he had many fresh ideas for the art institution.

“Localism is the first show I’ve been responsible for but I believe it’s one that’s most important for Middlesbrough. ” he says nervously.

“We’re a town of making and this exhibition reflects that by getting locals involved with the art. It’s ever changing and the more we add to it, the more we learn about the culture that surrounds us.”

Mima has had its criticism in the past for showing things which were deemed ‘anti Middlesbrough’. So I wanted to evolve it into a useful museum where people can come and get involved with the art through workshops and talks.”

This is a sentiment that has clearly been echoed by many local residents as summer workshops were ‘packed out’ with many offering ideas, suggesting artists and what they’d like to see in the new exhibition.

However, it’s ironic that with this celebration of our local history comes the closure of a company that is the defining element of Middlesbrough. With a loss of 1,700 jobs and 170 years of steelmaking, SSI represents the very heart and soul of this town.

“I believe it’s really shortsighted to shut down a steel plant. It’s something that should be protected and valued. We should care about maintaining our culture, not just making money.” says Alistair

“I don’t think it’s enough for Mima to illustrate it in our timeline. Let’s talk about it openly and the impact it’s had on us all. It’s be nice for us to give back through our project and get those people involved with it.”

Among those impacted has been 19 year old, Curtis Olley, an apprentice who had been training for two years for an opportunity at SSI.

“The closure of SSI has meant that I’m currently out of work, claiming job seekers allowance and I’m unlikely to find anywhere to complete my apprenticeship this year.” he said

“At the moment my future is uncertain which is extremely worrying for me, all I can do is participate in further education to increase my chances of getting a job within the instrumentation trade.”
The Localism exhibition is now open until February 7th. Whether that’s your personal history or celebrating our historic steel trade.

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Balmain for H&M – hype or high fashion?

Months ago we were teased with Oliver Rousteing’s upcoming collection for H&M. Models such as Kendall Jenner and Jordanne Dunne were seen sporting heavily beaded black tailored jackets and royal blue ruched mini dresses to high profile events.

The pieces surrounded us before we even knew about the collection.

Since then we’ve been drip fed with information and teasers, with some of the pieces starting to appear on trading sites such as Ebay for double the price – all building the hype.

It would be a fair comment to say that the pieces are stunning, with high quality fabric and beading bringing a touch of elegance to H&M.

And this isn’t the first designer collaboration the high street store has taken part in, with star studded names such as Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney, this fresh partnership is simply a name among an ever growing list.

What makes the campaign special, however, is the marketing behind it. From using internationally renowned models (and celebs) to a highly strategised music video and lookbook, they have looked at this collaboration from all angles. Even those who don’t follow fashion will be familiar with some of the pieces.

Imaged sourced from The Independent

Imaged sourced from The Independent

But we’ve got to ask ourselves, isn’t it ironic that a simple highstreet store selling knitted jumpers for £7.99 is now charging £300 plus for a beaded jacket?

“It’s all about publicity. Top designers are now aware that we’re buying more from the highstreet so they’re targeting them in collaborations,” says Lynne Hugill, lecturer on Teesside University’s Fashion Enterprise degree.

Through being a subject to Balmain’s clever marketing strategy, I decided to sit down with the fashion professionals to gain their take on this hotly anticipated collab. In a room surrounded by handmade paper dresses and brainstorms for future designs, the Fashion Enterprise students were a group of bubbly, intelligent and unique individuals.

“The collection looks amazing, it’s such good value for money as well. It’s interesting because we’re so used to those with money buying these types of pieces but with such a difference in quality at a reasonable price, we think they’ll be

Teesside University's Fashion Enterprise students

Teesside University’s Fashion Enterprise students

sold out within a day!” said Lynn Cowell, Fashion enterprise student.

With celebrity fans such as Kim Kardashian snapping pictures to her 50.1 million Instagram followers, Balmain is a name we’re all familiar with in the social media world.

“I just don’t understand the hype around Kim” added Lynn.

“I’m glad they used a women with curves to promote them as opposed to the stereotypical ‘thin’ model but I don’t understand why people aspire to be her.” 

After much debate around the table it was decided that celebrity culture has massively influenced designers, to the point where high street stores are replicating looks to be sold the day after an outfit is worn.

“I think Primark brought fashion to the masses with their cheaper alternatives” says Denis Brown, Fashion Enterprise student.

“Kim Kardashian is fashionably influential and aids fast fashion massively. Top designers are now accessible to us all through high street replicas, therefore brands such as Balmain are now looking to places like H&M to gain that hype, kind of like a ‘limited edition’ feeling.” 

Throughout the Balmain for H&M discussion, we decided that the hype was created through clever marketing strategies, ideal placing near the Christmas season and the fact that it’s making those ‘limited edition’ pieces accessible to a variety of people with different incomes.

“At the end of the day, those lines between designers and highstreet have blurred. In some cases the top designers are now looking towards the high street for inspiration and collaboration.” says Sarah Walker, fashion student.

Balmain for H&M is out in stores and online on November 5th.

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Dear Mrs Pennyman…Post from History at Teesside


Photo: Mary Pennyman, E. O. Hoppé © 2015 Curatorial Assistance, Inc. / E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection

Bessie Walker from York had been married only six weeks when the platoon lieutenant wrote to say that her husband had been killed shortly before the end of the First World War. She wrote: ‘I try to be a comfort to his poor old Dad & Mother, they feel it dreadful. Perhaps its wicked to say so, but I sometimes wish I could be old with them, as life feels rather empty at times.’ A new Heritage Lottery project aims to discover what happened to Bessie Walker and women like her in the years that followed.

The project, co-ordinated by Dr Roisín Higgins, at Teesside University, is inspired by 120 letters discovered by volunteer archivists at Ormesby Hall in Middlesbrough. Mary Pennyman was the secretary of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers Widows and Orphans Fund and was just 26 years old when she began writing to the wives and mothers of men who were missing or killed during the First World War. The letters from cross Britain and Ireland, which are now held in Teesside Archives, provide a window into the thoughts and feelings of women who would otherwise remain unnoticed by history, and this makes them very valuable.


Image copyright: Teesside Archives

Through their letters we encounter these women at a moment of profound sadness. Most try to manage their grief through recourse to religious beliefs and a sense of patriotic duty but occasionally fear, sorrow and even anger seep into their correspondence.

Pennyman’s role was to provide practical advice about pensions and recovery of personal effects. However she also asked the women about their lives and became a point of emotional support. One widow, Mary Smith from Sanquar, had to sell her house and take a position as a Lady’s maid. She wrote ‘… it is all too sad as we were so devoted to each other, I get about a great deal with my Lady and my mind is partly taken up with my work that really I shouldn’t grumble, I often think of those who are left worse off than I am’. By researching Mary’s story the project will bring greater understanding not just to the life of a Lady’s maid but also to the way in which women’s social and economic status were changed by war.

Smith Sanquar


Bessie Walker

Image copyright: Teesside Archives

Pennyman herself is also an interesting figure. Her husband, a machine-gun officer, was declared missing during the war and this helped to bridge the class gap between her and the women who wrote asking for help. She tried to find ways to console them and wrote to one widow, ‘I am very glad to hear you have the children, they will make all the difference to you, for you will feel that you have something of your husband.’ Mary Pennyman died in childbirth at 35 and had no children.

Many First World War projects focus on the dead; this one focuses on those who had to live on.

Roisín Higgins will train and support two student interns and a number of volunteers to research the lives of the women who wrote to Mary Pennyman and the project will tell their stories. Through the letters it will be possible to build a picture of the struggles and triumphs of women’s lives in the post-war period.

The ‘Dear Mrs Pennyman’ project will share its work online. The letters are being digitized and a website is being constructed which will have a crowd-sourcing facility so that members of the public can get involved and contribute information. Public events will be organized to share the project’s findings and to learn from the experiences of volunteers. The culmination of this work will be an exhibition to coincide with the centenary of the Armistice in 2018. This will provide a point of reflection on the impact of war on individual lives and on the fact that, for many, the ending of the war did not mean the end of sorrow. Ada Thornton from Sheffield wrote that she was not so anxious about the war ending now that her brother was dead, ‘You’ll understand this won’t you. We shall have no one coming home’.

Mary Walton

Mary Walton from Colne who was one of the young women who wrote to Mary Pennyman. Image copyright: Teesside Archives

For more information contact





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Student’s Can Cook: Pasta Bolognese

Research has shown that students can gain up to two stone in their first year of university.

A culture of stress, drinking, and unhealthy eating were the main cause of weight gain according to a recent survey.


The survey revealed that students cooking skills had left a lot to be desired.

A third of respondents claimed they would struggle to cook simple meals such as spaghetti Bolognese.

Hectic student lifestyles and extremely tight budgets were also blamed for the weight gain.

In an attempt to prove that students can in fact cook I have put together a simple meal.

Ingredients for a healthy, cheap and easy to make Pasta Bolognese!

Ingredients for a healthy, cheap and easy to make Pasta Bolognese!

Pasta Bolognese made with healthy ingredients sourced from Aldi and all for a very small price.

Serving four people for a total cost of £7 that’s UNDER £2 per student!

The meal also has a healthy calorie count of 235 per portion  and containing 4/5 of your recommended fruit and veg per day!

Check out the video for a step by step guide to a healthy, cheap and easy to make Pasta Bolognese.

Patrick Coonan is a student who takes healthy eating very seriously.

Patrick said: ” It’s so important to lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m used to including fruit and veg in my meals.”

“Don’t get me wrong I love a take away but I think it’s ok in small doses.

“I can understand why students think it’s easier to eat rubbish, the student life is pretty hectic and after a long day at university it can be a chore to cook homemade food.”

Patrick Coonan, after cooking Healthy Pasta Bolognese!

Patrick Coonan, after cooking Healthy Pasta Bolognese!

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Could hair tattoos be the next big trend?

If you don’t have the guts to get a tattoo on your skin, you can now get one for your hair.

Firstly hair chalk was a huge trend and then this summer flash tattoos were introduced. Put them together and you have your new obsession, hair tattoos.

Kylie Jenner seems to also be a big fan. She was spotted wearing one this week.

Kylie Jenner seems to also be a fan of hair tattoos. She was spotted wearing one this week.

Just like your typical Flash Tattoo application, you apply these to your hair with water. Plus, they wash off easily, so there’s no need for long-term commitment

Scünci is now selling packs of temporary metallic hair and body tattoos that come with two sheets full of different designs.

They come in both gold and silver and look like Flash Tattoos, but for your hair.

Each pack has two sheets of designs, so you can use one for shimmery holiday hair and the other for special occasions. They would also be the perfect accessory for a music festival.

A few things you need to know; firstly, you need have straight hair, so run it through with straighteners before putting your tattoo on.

Secondly, make sure it’s completely transferred before you lift away the paper. Slowly does it. Finally, if you want it to look as good as it does on Kylie, you’ll need to mist over it with hairspray to keep your hair from separating.


I interviewed a bunch of students asking their opinions on the hair tattoo trend and whether they think it will end up being popular or not, and if they would wear one themselves.

Hair tattoo vox pops

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Champ Man 16: IOS Game Review

Game Title: Champ Man 16

Publisher: Square Enix Ltd

Release Date: 24/09/2015

Tside Rating:  EntertainmentRatingTEntertainmentRatingTEntertainmentRatingTEntertainmentRatingTGreyRatingT

Fan’s of football manager games will have great memories of the Championship Manager game series.

Championship Manager was the first real football management sim before the now uber popular Football Manager, and players of the game will remember spending countless hours searching for the next big player or taking their team to world domination.

Now Square Enix have continued with their IOS version, and unlike their counterparts Football Manager the game is actually free to download!

Unsurprisingly the game has been dumbed down for mobile use, but this makes for more of a fast paced and enjoyable experience. Its a game perfect for short journeys and quick games, which was often what held back PC football management sims.


The match day engine works well and the results they give seem realistic. Some of the player ratings are unrealistic but most of the players in the top leagues are given suitable ratings.

Signing players is one of the main features of a football management game, and works very well on Champ Manger 16. Advanced filters make it very easy to find the player you need and there is a name search engine if you know exactly which player your after.

The best teams in the world feature so expect the top leagues in Europe to be available, alongside some lower divisions if your the type of manager who likes to take your team from zero’s to heroes.

New features in the 2016 version include an objectives list, new playable leagues and plenty off in app purchases. It seems like the app as a whole has been improved from last years addition, making it a highly addictive IOS game.

Champ Manager is a very enjoyable IOS football management sim, and its simplicity makes it very suitable to the mobile gaming market. Overall i rate the game 4/5 as there are features lacking that its PC counterpart would have, and there is slight room for improvement in terms of player ratings and perhaps playable national teams. But Champ Man 16 is a near perfect IOS football management sim and numerous hours can be spent enjoying this game.




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