Student by day … DJ by night

A STUDENT DJ is set to showcase his talents to his fellow scholars after getting the go ahead to host his first music night at Teesside University.

Tomiwa DJing at an event outside of the university.

TOMIWA DAVID: Biological Science student DJing at an event outside of the university.

Following multiple meetings with the student union event manager, Tomiwa David, 21, who is studying biological science, was delighted to hear that his event had been authorised.


ANOTHER EVENT: Tomiwa DJing at The Lobby Bar

‘Fusion’ is his first ever event at the student union which he planned and set up on his own, promoting it on Facebook and around campus.

Tomiwa, known as DJ Wizz Tee, has been trying to promote himself ever since he first came to Middlesbrough last year. He said: ”I have been a DJ for eight years now, since I started off on my laptop entertaining mostly family and friends.”

As a mobile DJ, he has worked at other venues around Middlesbrough such as the Lobby Bar and private parties. He has also showcased his talent at some venues in Ireland.

”I believe my first event at the SU was a success as I received good feedback from the students who attended, everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves. However it was difficult to persuade a good number of people to come which I needed in order for this show to go on.

”I love the feeling that comes with entertaining people and making them want to get up and dance,” he said.

‘Fusion’ consisted of mostly afrobeat and R&B music, along side some hip hop and grime tracks. The crowd engaged well with him as he allowed them to request their own songs.

He says he studies the crowd to figure out what it is they want to listen to and so song requests are a good way to understand his audience.

Tomiwa has more plans coming up for the future. ”Next time I might try out some new styles when I’m DJing again. I plan to hold another party at the Student Union next month, hopefully in December,” he added.

For any bookings, you can contact him at or call on 07341444939.

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