New look, same talent as Newton Faulkner stages dread-free return

If you ever want to see a musician connect one-on-one with an audience, then Newton Faulkner is the act for you.

On November 16th, Faulkner played an impressive set at Middlesbrough’s Town Hall. The large venue with its brilliant acoustics provided the perfect backdrop for the artist’s distinctive sound.

Faulkner may have said goodbye to his dreadlocks but not to his confidence, even though he hasn’t played a gig for a few years he still knew how to capture an audience.


Newton Faulkner’s newest haircut.

Playing songs from his latest album, which is set to be released at the end of this month, he wanted to showcase the changing of his sound from an indie-folk musician, to a world music connoisseur.

He opened with a recent single from the new album called “Get Free” which stunned the audience from the start.

Notably this song has the video in which Faulkner cuts his hair short, meaning he was opening the night by showing his transformation.

Of course Faulkner played his old favourites too, including a crowd pleasing version of “Brick by Brick” where Faulkner split the crowd into three groups and got everyone singing different parts.

He flourished on songs like “Teardrop” (a massive attack cover) and “Dream Catch Me” where obviously he won over the audience the most.


He even played his popular song “Clouds” which the audience literally went wild for.

It was clear that Faulkner was trying new things on this tour. Picking up an electric guitar to unleash a solo that is uncommon in his music.

It impressed most in the crowd, yet one man still piped up: “I prefer you playing acoustic.”

Which Faulkner replied “well look” as an acoustic guitar was passed to him.

He constantly made the audience laugh, telling stories about his past and things he’s looking forward to doing now his image transformation has begun.


Faulkner performing at the Town Hall.


He added a special bass rendition of the theme song from a children’s TV show. He begged the audience not to tell people or take any videos. So his secret dies with the crowd.

Faulkner’s encore included the famous “Write It on Your Skin” which of course filled the crowd with emotions.

He once again asked for three parts of the audience to sing different parts of his song, while also asking for everyone to jump up and down as he brought the show to a conclusion.

Credit has to go to the cemented band that now supports Faulkner on his tours. Including a drummer and a multi-talented musician who was playing guitar, bass, and keyboard and even had a go at singing backup vocals.

Support came from the indie pop band “Victoria” who did a good job of warming the crowd up.

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, it was undeniable that they knew what they were doing.

They showed their talents on tracks like “The Edge” which is now a single available to buy.

Faulkner’s newest album is released today (November 20th) you can buy it here.

If you haven’t seen this man perform live yet, then you are missing out.

from Tside