Ellie Goulding has unveiled her new album.

The spectacular Ellie Goulding is back and more eager than ever.

After topping the charts in the UK for around four weeks with the amazing ballad ‘Love Me Like You Do’, Ellie has now moved into a different direction with the new colourful album ‘Delirium’

The female British singer, who was awarded the Glamour Award for UK Solo Artist earlier this year, has delivered a combination of retro, electric pop and energetic enthusiasm in this her third album, which really sets it aside from many others.

Ellie calls out to fans ‘I’ve got dreams baby” in the track ‘Don’t panic’, which is all about new ambitions and facing new dreams.

And from the obvious passion and devotion in her music, you can see why fans are crazy over her new style and persona.

Ellie Goulding’s work has always been exclusive to the music industry, simply because it is different. Her delivery of songs is emotive with breathy tones, thus making her songs emotive and lyrics light and airy.

‘Love Me Like You Do’ released in February in the UK, was featured in the blockbuster movie adaptation of the novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and was a big success for Ellie, giving her a second Number One after ‘Burn’ in 2013.

Fans of the erotic romantic film have become fans of Ellie Goulding also as her song is associated with the film.

After both albums ‘Lights’ and ‘Halycon’ were released Ellie was a well known artist and established a strong fan base, her tracks ‘ Guns and Horses, Starry Eyed and Anything Could Happen’ were extremely popular and left many fans eager to see what she brought out next.


Alongside her music career she enjoys running, back in 2010 she ran a half marathon and her song ‘Run into the Light’ supported this.

Her popularity has definitely flourished over the course of her albums, but mostly due to her involvement with some very iconic and romantic films like the Twilight Saga and Fifty Shades of Grey. The song “Bittersweet” was part of Breaking Dawn Part 2 sound track. Fans of the saga also become interested in Ellie Goulding’s work.

“On My Mind” the main track to her new album is upbeat and edgy which also includes some very passionate, but helpless lyrics which are based around not knowing somebody, and not understanding a situation you are in. “You think you know somebody’ you don’t always know somebody the way you might think you do.

The multi instrumentalist definitely knows how create the most exclusive music for her fans. The essence of her music is soft and different which separates her from other artists. However, it seems her new album is pop based with a more energetic tone.

Ellie Goulding has definitely reached a whole different level with this album. She has totally reached out to the world of pop music.

The albums appearance has not only shown Ellie as a courageous artist but that she is versatile and can conquer any type of music. In total it has 16 tracks in its standard edition, and 25 in the deluxe edition.

All the songs are different, however all sync beautifully together when listening to them one after the other. It is fair to say Ellie has made a stunning album here.

from Tside