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Students  and staff across Teesside University have the opportunity to access pastoral care if they are having problems in their life; study or work.

The special chaplaincy sessions  are run by the Reverend Tessa Stephens and are held every Thursday in the Students’ Union.

The session are open to people of all faiths and aim specifically to help provide support to all staff and students who may be going through a difficult time.

Sever Kwaghbee, an MA student and one of the regular attendees, said: “It’s really encouraging and it keeps Christians going and other faiths as well.”

The Chaplaincy office is on the first floor of the Student Centre. Students can make an appointment Tuesdays to Thursdays either by calling the Chaplaincy office on 01642 342708 or sending an email to  t.stephens@tees.ac.uk .

Tside Reporter Abbas Mokhtari went along to the event to find out more. Click on his report below.


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