Champ Man 16: IOS Game Review

Game Title: Champ Man 16

Publisher: Square Enix Ltd

Release Date: 24/09/2015

Tside Rating:  EntertainmentRatingTEntertainmentRatingTEntertainmentRatingTEntertainmentRatingTGreyRatingT

Fan’s of football manager games will have great memories of the Championship Manager game series.

Championship Manager was the first real football management sim before the now uber popular Football Manager, and players of the game will remember spending countless hours searching for the next big player or taking their team to world domination.

Now Square Enix have continued with their IOS version, and unlike their counterparts Football Manager the game is actually free to download!

Unsurprisingly the game has been dumbed down for mobile use, but this makes for more of a fast paced and enjoyable experience. Its a game perfect for short journeys and quick games, which was often what held back PC football management sims.


The match day engine works well and the results they give seem realistic. Some of the player ratings are unrealistic but most of the players in the top leagues are given suitable ratings.

Signing players is one of the main features of a football management game, and works very well on Champ Manger 16. Advanced filters make it very easy to find the player you need and there is a name search engine if you know exactly which player your after.

The best teams in the world feature so expect the top leagues in Europe to be available, alongside some lower divisions if your the type of manager who likes to take your team from zero’s to heroes.

New features in the 2016 version include an objectives list, new playable leagues and plenty off in app purchases. It seems like the app as a whole has been improved from last years addition, making it a highly addictive IOS game.

Champ Manager is a very enjoyable IOS football management sim, and its simplicity makes it very suitable to the mobile gaming market. Overall i rate the game 4/5 as there are features lacking that its PC counterpart would have, and there is slight room for improvement in terms of player ratings and perhaps playable national teams. But Champ Man 16 is a near perfect IOS football management sim and numerous hours can be spent enjoying this game.




from Tside