Free cookie for students in De Meló giveaway

MIDDLESBROUGH’S first artisan espresso and patisserie restaurant is to stage a special event to promote its mouthwatering range of desserts to local students.

Recent surveys have shown that some Teesside students did not know about all of the offers and amenities De Meló has for them.

In light of this, the cafe will be holding an event in the Middlesbrough Tower building of Teesside University.

De Meló’s café  is located on the Linthorpe Road, only a short distance from the university.


People who stop by can enter into a draw and be in with the chance of winning some of De Meló’s tasty treats.

In addition, they can also pick up a free cookie and a voucher for a discounted coffee at the store.

The event is on Tuesday 1st December from  1 – 3pm and all students are invited to come along.

Teesside graduate Imran Ayoub, store manager, said that students are a very important part of De Meló’s growth.

“Students probably make up the majority of our customers and this is how I intended it to be.

“Everything in the store is designed with Teesside university students in mind with features such as Wi-Fi and phone charging ports to discounts which is 10% for students.

“We are having this event at Teesside university to make students aware of what we have to offer them,” he said.

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Ellie Goulding has unveiled her new album.

The spectacular Ellie Goulding is back and more eager than ever.

After topping the charts in the UK for around four weeks with the amazing ballad ‘Love Me Like You Do’, Ellie has now moved into a different direction with the new colourful album ‘Delirium’

The female British singer, who was awarded the Glamour Award for UK Solo Artist earlier this year, has delivered a combination of retro, electric pop and energetic enthusiasm in this her third album, which really sets it aside from many others.

Ellie calls out to fans ‘I’ve got dreams baby” in the track ‘Don’t panic’, which is all about new ambitions and facing new dreams.

And from the obvious passion and devotion in her music, you can see why fans are crazy over her new style and persona.

Ellie Goulding’s work has always been exclusive to the music industry, simply because it is different. Her delivery of songs is emotive with breathy tones, thus making her songs emotive and lyrics light and airy.

‘Love Me Like You Do’ released in February in the UK, was featured in the blockbuster movie adaptation of the novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and was a big success for Ellie, giving her a second Number One after ‘Burn’ in 2013.

Fans of the erotic romantic film have become fans of Ellie Goulding also as her song is associated with the film.

After both albums ‘Lights’ and ‘Halycon’ were released Ellie was a well known artist and established a strong fan base, her tracks ‘ Guns and Horses, Starry Eyed and Anything Could Happen’ were extremely popular and left many fans eager to see what she brought out next.


Alongside her music career she enjoys running, back in 2010 she ran a half marathon and her song ‘Run into the Light’ supported this.

Her popularity has definitely flourished over the course of her albums, but mostly due to her involvement with some very iconic and romantic films like the Twilight Saga and Fifty Shades of Grey. The song “Bittersweet” was part of Breaking Dawn Part 2 sound track. Fans of the saga also become interested in Ellie Goulding’s work.

“On My Mind” the main track to her new album is upbeat and edgy which also includes some very passionate, but helpless lyrics which are based around not knowing somebody, and not understanding a situation you are in. “You think you know somebody’ you don’t always know somebody the way you might think you do.

The multi instrumentalist definitely knows how create the most exclusive music for her fans. The essence of her music is soft and different which separates her from other artists. However, it seems her new album is pop based with a more energetic tone.

Ellie Goulding has definitely reached a whole different level with this album. She has totally reached out to the world of pop music.

The albums appearance has not only shown Ellie as a courageous artist but that she is versatile and can conquer any type of music. In total it has 16 tracks in its standard edition, and 25 in the deluxe edition.

All the songs are different, however all sync beautifully together when listening to them one after the other. It is fair to say Ellie has made a stunning album here.

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Students campaign to win city status for Middlesbrough

A group of Teesside University students has launched a campaign to change Middlesbrough’s status from a town to a city.

The campaign, titled Monumental Middlesbrough, has been backed by the local council and aims to boost the town’s status and draw attention to the things that Teesside has to offer.

The project will encourage discussion through social media over the coming month in order to draw people’s attention to the idea.



Third year Multimedia Journalism student, Abbie Osguthorpe, said: “As a visitor to Teesside I was shocked when I found out Middlesbrough held a town status.

“It has a very city feel to it with plenty of things to do and the people from the area seem to have a lot of home pride.”

“I would love to see Middlesbrough become a city, hopefully it would enhance the already up and coming businesses in the local area, which is why I am passionate about our campaign to help the town.”

The third year students have shared their project on TFM radio and BBC Tees. They have also been backed by Middlesbrough Mayor Dave Budd who has said:

The campaign was also featured in The Gazette.

The campaign was also featured in The Gazette.

“It’s often said that Middlesbrough is a city in all but name, and it’s not hard to see why.”

“Historically we are at the heart of an area with a proud industrial heritage that is the match of anywhere in the world, and one that many already see as a city region.”

“This is a town confident of its place in history – but it is vital that it can look to the future with equal confidence.

“A huge level of inward investment – around half a billion pounds – is currently transforming the face of the town, and speaks volumes about the ambition it has for that future.

“We already compete on an equal footing with other towns and cities across the UK and beyond – city status will help us move forward and on to the next level.”

In 2011, Middlesbrough Council staged an unsuccessful bid for city status as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Ex-Mayor, Ray Mallon had previously invited primary school pupils to write to the Queen urging her to pick the town to become the UK’s newest city.

However, the town missed out and Chelmsford in Essex, Perth in Scotland and St Asaph in Wales were chosen instead.

12309003_10205406681512405_775773449_nNow the students are targeting locals to make their voice heard by reaching out through social media and also involving people by sharing their views on the idea of Middlesbrough’s city status via their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Jodie Lightfoot one of the campaigners has recently started a new trend on social media where members of the public can send in a selfie and their opinions on the campaign.

She said: “I thought sharing selfies would help us get a better insight onto what people feel about Middlesbrough and its a fun way to gather information.

“So far we’ve had a great responses from members of the public and I’m glad to see people actually interested in Middlesbrough.”

The project was created by media and journalism students, Abbie Osguthorpe, Amy Oram, Chloe Churchill, Jack Crute and Jodie Lightfoot.

With over 2000 people backing them, so far the campaign is a success. If you would like to get involved make sure to visit their website:

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Storm in a coffee cup? Teesside gives its verdict on the great Starbucks Christmas controversy

Coffee chain Starbucks have been known for their festive cups during the Christmas season. Previous designs have included snow, a reindeer and a Christmas tree.

However, they stunned everyone this year by opting for a minimalistic all red design. The top of the cup starts with an orangey red and then gradually goes into a cranberry red.

The controversial cup.

The controversial cup.

The unveiling of the new vessel caused controversy and divide on Twittter. Some users were calling for Starbucks to be boycotted.

The hashtag #WarOnChristmas was created and used by the tweeters who felt Starbucks were turning their back on Christmas and Christianity.

A former TV and radio evangelist with almost two million followers took to Facebook to voice his opinion. Joshua Feuerstein claimed that Starbucks removed Christmas from their cups because “they hate Jesus.”

He also encouraged customers to ask Starbucks baristas to write ‘Merry Christmas’ on their cups instead of names.

On the other hand, many were left baffled as to why people were getting so offended by a cup. #ItsJustACup was created to express this confusion.

One user points out the obvious –

Psst. The Starbucks cups didn’t have Christian symbols on them to begin with. #ItsJustACup

A statement from Starbucks said that cups were left blank for customers to create their own, personal stories much like people have been doing for years on the white cups.

Vice President for Design and Content at Starbucks, Jeffrey Fields, said: “In the past, we have told stories with our holiday cups designs. This year we wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories.”

I spoke to students around the campus to get their views on the controversial cup. Check out the audio clip below.


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Bar-bending brilliance from the Teesside Barbarians sees off Newcastle University



Teesside Barbarians celebrating their success at the Yorkshire Northeast Junior Powerlifting Championships

It was a great night for the Teesside Barbarians at the Yorkshire Northeast Junior Powerlifting Championships, which saw the team win nine trophies. The haul included four gold, four silver and one bronze, along with three Yorkshire records.

The Teesside Barbarians were led by Andrew Richardson who set and smashed three new YNEPF records. Along with Andrew the powerlifting powerhouses were Alex Mountjoy, Oliver Riddle, Callum Meadows, Karl Berdhardt, Manil Vithlani, Matthew Rudd-Einecker and Matthew Sedgewick.

It was a tight contest between Teesside and Newcastle Universities for the medals, which saw the Barbarians finish on top in the end. This is the first encounter between the two main powerlifting academies in Yorkshire and North East England. The next time they meet is at the Northern Universities which is at the Middlesbrough Sports Village April 4th.

Ryan Flynn, reporter for interviewed Barbarian member, Alex Mountjoy for his reaction of the event and to give us an insight into the world of powerlifting.


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Years and Years shine brightly at sell-out O2 show

Synthpop trio Years and Years are currently touring the UK promoting their new album ‘Communion’.

And, according to their growing army of fans in the North East, the time has come for the band to enjoy the success they deserve.

The date at the 02 Academy in Newcastle was a sell out.

The band formed back in 2010, and over the past few years have worked extremely hard to get to where they are today.

They have worked on songs which when released have hit top of the charts this year very quickly.

In January 2015 they were awarded the BBC Sound of 2015 award.

At the end of the gig fans said they had enjoyed the performance. One said:

“The atmosphere was amazing.” Another observed: “Their songs are all so unique and different, they are just incredible.”


Another fan added: “I came to this gig not knowing all the songs, but now I know I am a massive fan of Years and Years and I’m going straight to buy their album.”

For more than an hour the three-piece performed chart topping ‘Shine’ ‘King’ and ‘Desire’ engaging with the audience the whole time.


The songs performed were taken from the album ‘Communion’ which was released earlier this year.

Lead singer, scriptwriter and actor Olly Alexander led the gig and made the night fun and lively, he even brought a young man from the audience up on to stage.

The stage was filled with bright electric energy, this combined with the music left fans speechless as they finished their last song.

Many said ‘Eyes Shut’ was there favourite song performed.

The album has a variation of different styles of songs, some synthpop music, indie, and electronia.

It consists of seventeen songs on the deluxe version, and thirteen on the standard edition.

You can download the album on iTunes now or it is also available on the official Years and Years website.

The trio are due to finish their tour in 2016 performing in London, Wembley.

Years and Years performing at 02 Academy Newcastle.

Years and Years performing at 02 Academy Newcastle.

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New look, same talent as Newton Faulkner stages dread-free return

If you ever want to see a musician connect one-on-one with an audience, then Newton Faulkner is the act for you.

On November 16th, Faulkner played an impressive set at Middlesbrough’s Town Hall. The large venue with its brilliant acoustics provided the perfect backdrop for the artist’s distinctive sound.

Faulkner may have said goodbye to his dreadlocks but not to his confidence, even though he hasn’t played a gig for a few years he still knew how to capture an audience.


Newton Faulkner’s newest haircut.

Playing songs from his latest album, which is set to be released at the end of this month, he wanted to showcase the changing of his sound from an indie-folk musician, to a world music connoisseur.

He opened with a recent single from the new album called “Get Free” which stunned the audience from the start.

Notably this song has the video in which Faulkner cuts his hair short, meaning he was opening the night by showing his transformation.

Of course Faulkner played his old favourites too, including a crowd pleasing version of “Brick by Brick” where Faulkner split the crowd into three groups and got everyone singing different parts.

He flourished on songs like “Teardrop” (a massive attack cover) and “Dream Catch Me” where obviously he won over the audience the most.


He even played his popular song “Clouds” which the audience literally went wild for.

It was clear that Faulkner was trying new things on this tour. Picking up an electric guitar to unleash a solo that is uncommon in his music.

It impressed most in the crowd, yet one man still piped up: “I prefer you playing acoustic.”

Which Faulkner replied “well look” as an acoustic guitar was passed to him.

He constantly made the audience laugh, telling stories about his past and things he’s looking forward to doing now his image transformation has begun.


Faulkner performing at the Town Hall.


He added a special bass rendition of the theme song from a children’s TV show. He begged the audience not to tell people or take any videos. So his secret dies with the crowd.

Faulkner’s encore included the famous “Write It on Your Skin” which of course filled the crowd with emotions.

He once again asked for three parts of the audience to sing different parts of his song, while also asking for everyone to jump up and down as he brought the show to a conclusion.

Credit has to go to the cemented band that now supports Faulkner on his tours. Including a drummer and a multi-talented musician who was playing guitar, bass, and keyboard and even had a go at singing backup vocals.

Support came from the indie pop band “Victoria” who did a good job of warming the crowd up.

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, it was undeniable that they knew what they were doing.

They showed their talents on tracks like “The Edge” which is now a single available to buy.

Faulkner’s newest album is released today (November 20th) you can buy it here.

If you haven’t seen this man perform live yet, then you are missing out.

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Second album proves there is more to The 1975 than Sex and Chocolate


An aesthetically wonderful display joined The 1975 on stage at Newcastle’s O2 Academy.

Front man Matty Healy (son of Geordie legend Tim Healy and former Loose Woman Denise Welch) generously exclaimed to the sold out Newcastle crowd: “Gigs like this are intimate for us now so we’re going to play loads of songs for you.”

Also gaining Brownie points with the Geordie crowd he announced: “I’ve signed a contract to say that this band will never play Sunderland’s Stadium of Light.”

As the lights went down, the fans lit the venue back up with endless mobile phone cameras pointing at the stage – eagerly capturing a memento of The 1975’s visit to the North East. They came on stage just after 9pm and opened with latest single Love Me, a song that sounds a million miles away from the vibe of their debut album.

The 1975 disappeared from both the earth and the internet earlier this year before rebranding their edgy black image with a vivid pastel pink. Love Me’s artwork was the same and the new album (I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It) is available to pre-order on heavyweight pink vinyl.

New songs were experimented with throughout the set. However,  the tracks from the EPs that came before the self-titled debut album that stole the show. You from the Sex EP was a personal highlight as the mellow sound reflected into the crowd who swayed arm in arm singing the words back at the band.

Dressed in baggy dungarees Matty Healy swigged wine on stage throughout the gig, constantly passing it backstage whenever the glass was empty to be refilled. The wine must have gone to Healy’s head as he danced on every inch of the stage, including the speakers behind him causing a vibrant silhouette against the bright backdrop.

Album track Girls closed the set for The 1975 before they left the stage for a brief period. Chants of “we want more” echoed around the venue. Naturally the band returned to play a three song encore.

The 1975 returned to the stage to firstly play Medicine (which has recently been repressed on amber vinyl). No gig by The 1975 is complete without arguably their two biggest tracks. Matty Healy teasingly shouted: “We have two songs left for you. I bet you can guess what they are.”

Chocolate was the penultimate track that had the 2000 strong crowd signing their hearts out. Finishing this song had fans chanting at the band: “We want sex”. Ask and you shall receive.

Sex closed an amazing gig and it will be a pleasurable surprise if The 1975 return to Newcastle in the near future.

Support came from the talented youngster Rat Boy. Similar to Jamie T and the Streets he is destined for big things having already supported Circa Waves, the 1975 and has already played Reading and Leeds Festival.

The 1975 have announced a Spring tour to coincide with the release of I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. Tickets are available here.

The 1975 Setlist O2 Academy Newcastle, Newcastle, England 2015, 2015 Fall Tour

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Be someone’s Santa this Christmas!

By Abbie Walker and Rebecca Siddle


TEESSIDE media students have launched a campaign to help bring a touch of festive magic to disadvantaged children in the area.


Almost one in three children now live in poverty and Middlesbrough was last month named as being amongst the most deprived areas in England.


For many families, Christmas is a luxury they just can’t afford. This has prompted journalism students at Teesside University to join forces with regional radio station TFM and the Cash for Kids’ Mission Christmas campaign, to raise money, awareness and collect gifts for kids in the area who would otherwise go without.


The student group have set up a dedicated Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Just Giving pages and plan to take to the streets to raise money and collect Christmas gifts for local children.


They also held a fundraising day on campus on Monday 30th November, when students sold cakes in Teesside University’s Middlesbrough Tower.

(Teesside University students left to right – Daniel Bullock, Abbie Walker, Jess Dixon and Sam Bradley with Courage the Cat the Cash for Kids mascot)

(Teesside University students left to right – Daniel Bullock, Abbie Walker, Jess Dixon and Sam Bradley with Courage the Cat the Cash for Kids mascot)


Visitors were encouraged to bring a range of toys and clothes, while money donations were greatly appreciated.


Campaign co-ordinator Jess Dixon said: “It is devastating to think that so many children are actually living below the poverty line.


“And while Christmas is something that a lot of us take for granted, sadly the added financial pressure this brings is just too much for many families.


“That’s why we’re getting involved in this campaign – to help make a difference to children in this area on Christmas Day.


“We are trying to raise money and also collect new and unwrapped gifts that are suitable for children, from newborn babies to 18 year-olds – we are particularly asking for gifts for young babies and teenagers as these groups tend to get the least gifts donated.


“By simply buying one extra present this year you could be ‘someone’s Santa’ and make their Christmas.”


Drop off points for gifts have been set up on the fifth floor of Teesside University’s Middlesbrough Tower and within Rede House in Middlesbrough town centre.


Kara Hatton, Cash for Kids spokesperson from TFM said: “It’s great that Teesside University are getting involved with Mission Christmas campaign because it’s going to help so many extra people.


“We really do expect quite a big increase in applications this year, so all the extra help is appreciated.”


For more information on the campaign you can follow what the group are doing by going to:

Instagram – missionchristmas2015

And you can also make a donation through the group’s Just Giving page at:

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Boom Town Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough has seen a surge in investment in 2015 with both public and private funds being used to finance numerous projects across the town.

The “Middlesbrough is Changing” initiative was officially launched in March this year to celebrate the town’s ongoing growth and regeneration.

Teesside Curve

Teesside University “The Curve”

One of the developments included in the initiative is the new £20 million Campus Heart project at Teesside University.

The centre piece is the gold-coloured building known as The Curve which provides a spectacular backdrop to a light show every evening.

Middlesbrough Mayor Dave Budd said: “Middlesbrough is the centre of a city region. We truly believe we can compete with other towns and cities up and down the country and that belief is backed up by the transformation currently taking place across the town.”

“Middlesbrough has a deserved reputation for state-of-the-art education facilities, business innovation and success and first class leisure opportunities and those are a vital foundation for the continued creation of jobs and prosperity over the coming years.”

The Living Wall (see below) that is attached to the Student Centre is also a new feature that livens up the Southfield Road section of the campus.

Teesside is becoming a haven for natural Living Walls with Barker and Stonehouse Ltd introducing a similar concept when opening their new store on Teesside Park earlier in the year.


Teesside University Grass Wall

Teesside University Grass Wall

Barker and Stonehouse Grass Wall

Barker and Stonehouse Grass Wall

The University is not the only investor in the area recently however; the Sports Village, situated next to James Cook Hospital,  is another example of significant capital expenditure on Teesside.
The state-of-the-art £21 million Middlesbrough Sports Village opened to considerable acclaim in May and is already established as a venue of regional importance.

The recently opened outdoor velodrome at the site is one of the best of its kind in the UK.

The Sports Village



Holiday Inn at Middlesbrough Centre Square

Holiday Inn at Middlesbrough Centre Square


Another addition to the initiative portfolio is the 138-room Holiday Inn Express in Centre Square.

This was made possible thanks to a partnership between Middlesbrough Council and the developers and will provide an important boost to the local economy and hopefully encourage more visitors to stay in the town..

Despite the harsh economic climate, the town centre continues to thrive with an array of unique independent traders rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in High Street retail.

Elsewhere in the town, local and national businesses continue to show their faith in the area, with major investments by the likes of logistics specialists AV Dawson and footwear chain Charles Clinkard displaying long-term commitment.

Mayor Budd said: “We remain in economically challenging times, but the sort of investment we are seeing shows a real confidence in the future and we have a key role in ensuring that momentum is maintained.”

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