Thumbelina makes a big splash: Middlesbrough girl leads the North Eastern blogging revolution

MIDDLESBROUGH GIRL, Megan Lillie, has been making waves in the North East blogging community since she made her debut two and a half years ago.

The 21-year-old started her blog, Thumbelina Lillie, in 2012 due to her love of fashion and beauty and currently has over 5,000 followers.

Her passion started when she was a little girl attending dance classes, enjoying wearing the make-up and costumes.

NORTH EASTERN BLOGGER: Megan Lillie proudly represents the North East

NORTH EASTERN BLOGGER – Megan Lillie proudly represents the North East.

Megan said: “I always used to go to charity shops with my grandma and pick out a random item of clothing that I wouldn’t see on anyone else.

“When I got into school I started experimenting more with colours.”

It wasn’t until she started college, however, that she started reading blogs, and during her gap year before university she decided to make her own.

Megan, who is now a student at Teesside University, recalls finding a girl called Lucy on Instagram and discovering her blog and Youtube channel.

She said: “I just thought it was crazy how she could write a website around her fashion and people wanted to read it.

“I thought ‘I like fashion. I like beauty. Why don’t I do it?’”

When Megan started blogging she found the scene in the North East to be very limited.

However, since then, the regional blogging community has grown significantly and Megan now runs a Facebook group for bloggers in the North East which currently has about 150 members.

She said: “With the North East not being as appreciated as London bloggers it’s quite nice to have a community that is all for each other and supports what each other do.

“It’s just really really supportive.”

AWARD WINNER: Megan with her Cosmopolitan award in 2014

AWARD WINNER – Megan with her Cosmopolitan award in 2014.

Megan believes that there has been an increase in the number of events in the North East, with companies such as Lush and Bodyshop starting to get involved with bloggers from the area.

Megan herself can no doubt be credited with drawing attention here after winning Highly-Commended Best Established Beauty Blog at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014.

She had previously applied in 2013 for an award for blogs under 18 months but had been unsuccessful.

She recalled: “I was devastated because I had put so much work into my blog.

“It made me come away and think ‘I am going to go back next year and I am going to win it.”

Megan told us of her disbelief when they announced her as the winner in 2014.

She added: “As soon as the editor said my name I got all emotional and teared up.”

Megan has also worked with other big name brands such as New Look.

She worked with them on an Autumn and Winter shoes campaign at the end of 2014, and due to its success, was asked to select prom accessories which she blogged about.

Photographs from her blog were then posted on New Look’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Most recently, she walked down the red carpet after attending the Leicester Square premiere of Insurgent this March, having been invited and styled by New Look.

Check out some of Megan’s top tips below.

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