Emotional Geography Conference, Edinburgh: Post from Perform@tees

Performing arts lecturers Dr Sarah O’Brien (PlaRM) and Heike Salzer (Dance), alongside BA Dance Graduate Jessica Smith are presenting panel sessions at the 5th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies. at Edinburgh University.

This conference brings together scholars from a diversity of disciplinary backgrounds, third sector partners and creative practitioners to explore and discuss the role of emotion in shaping and in experiencing space and society.

The need to pay attention to the role of emotions in personal, professional and societal life has been gaining acceptance in academic and public spheres since the time when these conferences were inaugurated. With greater attention has come a greater diversity of ways of researching and conceptualising emotions, affect and their kin, and a wider range of fields in which they are being studied. New technologies give individuals greater emotional reach than ever before. Meanwhile, industries structured around the manipulation of emotion have grown savvier than ever.


from perform@tees