What a Bobby Dazzler


Miss Emma getting ready for last year’s show


Talented Emma Risbrough has danced for most of her life and is passing on her skills to lots of children in her popular dance school.

Known as Miss Emma to the pupils of The Bobby Dazzlers Academy, the dance school she opened in 1999 and is based in Stockton-on-Tees.

From the young age of 13 Emma’s passion for dancing inspired her to want  her own dance school and make other children feel the same way she did about performing on a stage.

This stemmed from watching a previous dance teacher leave most of the pupils, apart from a select few, to run another dance school.

Watching a much loved role model abandon her pupils made Emma really angry and more determined to support her pupils to the best of her ability.

Emma, 36, started her own dance lessons when she was four but refused to join in any of the classes.

She was six when she eventually took part in a class and loved it from then on.

Her greatest achievement in her dancing career was winning the Senior Tap Championship aged 15.

This feeling of achievement has helped Miss Emma to encourage her pupils  to be the best they can be.

“I absolutely love my job and all the  children I work with,” She said.

Bobby Dazzlers takes part in multiple events, some of which are charity events. Miss Emma encourages the children to help support the Butterwick Hospice and takes part in Norton Villages May Day fair.

This year was the schools 4th year of taking part in the fair, the children and their families donated bric ‘a’ brac for the parents stall and entertained the crowds with some of their best performances.

Recently, a four year old little girl from the school has completed a half a mile swim in memory of her still born brother, and to raise money for the Stillborn and Neonatal charity SANDS. The little star managed to raise £750 for the charity and was fully supported by the Bobby Dazzlers Academy.

Overall, there are 158 students currently attending Emma’s dance school, all of them loving every minute of their time there.

The school has just recently had their new dance studios refurbished, ready for hours of rehearsals.

Miss Emma ensures all of the children’s abilities are showcased every year in a themed show.

Everyone is currently preparing for this years show in September at the Billingham Theatre , with various group, solo and themed acts.

“My proudest moment as a teacher was watching two of my own pupils pass their teaching exams in 2007 with very high marks, having taught both of them from the age of Nine.”

Watching her pupils succeed like this is one of the many joys of owning her own dance school. Her cousin Laura Risbrough also teaches at the dance school and sends her own two daughters along with Miss Emma’s oldest daughter.

Bobby Dazzlers is a close knit community where all the children are supportive and friendly towards each other and constantly have the support they need to succeed from Miss Emma and her teachers.

Emma Risbrough watching the girls rehearsing

Emma Risbrough watching the girls rehearsing



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