Introducing Geordie Shore newbie Nathan Henry


Nathan Henry: Geordie Shore Newbie

Nathan Henry: Geordie Shore Newbie


I first met Nathan Henry when we worked together at Saks Hair and Beauty Academy in Darlington.

We were helping to organise a show for the Saks Art Team and Nathan had just joined us at the time.

It’s fair to say he has natural charisma and is immaculately dressed and groomed at all times. Saks was definitely a good place for him to be.

Now, at 24 he is one of the newest members of MTV’S Geordie Shore, I wanted to find out more about what he is up to now.

He is the first bisexual member of the group and recently hit back at criticism of his sex scenes with a man via his Facebook account saying: “Last night I provided a stepping stone for things like that to be shown in aspects of media because like it or not the LGBT community DOES EXIST and we have no intention of going anywhere. Therefore I’m proud of what I did and who I am as I achieve something, have you?.”

Nathan Henry 2

Nathan and the Geordie Shore boys

I asked Nathan how life has changed since appearing on the show, he said: “At the moment life is still the same, nothing too crazy has happened, a few people have asked me for photos and how it’s going. I have a few personal appearances coming up, so that will be exciting. In fact me and Chloe presented and award in Edinburgh on Thursday for the Young Scott Awards and I’ve done an interview for a massive radio station in Australia”

Nathan has started to gain lots of media attention including features in OK Magazine, Now Magazine and The Daily Mail. He is motivated by his ambitions for success and hopes to have his own fashion and jewellery lines in the very near future.

The loveliest thing about Nathan is that he is extremely grounded and he told me one of his biggest ambitions is to be able to provide for his family. He would like to pay for his mum’s and dad’s houses, so they never have to struggle, as he appreciates everything they did for him growing up.

He said: “The most important people in my life would be my immediate family and best friends they have literally been and still are my foundations in life, without them I can stand. They were there before this crazy career choice, during it and I’m certain they will be there afterwards.”

The things that make him happy in life are: the sun, swimming pools, music, food, kissing and cuddling, spooning and memorable moments in time.

Nathan Henry and the cast of MTV's Geordie Shore

Nathan Henry and the cast of MTV’s Geordie Shore

His positive and humble outlook on life is sure to take him to amazing places.

Nathan says: “I regret nothing in life, I see this as an experience and we get one shot at it, so rather than regret anything I see it as a learning experience/curve that makes me into a better or stronger person.”

To watch more of Nathan in Geordie Shore, tune in on Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV and follow Twitter.



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