Teesside University graduate makes a career in the Bollywood film industry.

photograph taken during Muhammad's graduation.

Muhammad Shoaib and his family

 A FORMER Teesside University student, Muhammad Shoaib has made his first big break into the film industry working for one of Pakistan’s major Bollywood film companies.

Tside spoke to  former Media Studies student Muhammad Shoaib to get the run down on his amazing experiences working abroad as an
assistant director for Mehroz Karim Films


So what’s life like working for Mehroz Karim films?

Muhammad: It’s a great experience to working for a production company like Mehroz Karim Films.  After working for them for several months now, I realize there is much to learn after securing a degree to. When you get your degree it’s a lot like having a key to open many doors in the future, keep that in mind. 

What are some of the films you have worked on during your time at Mehroz Karim Films? 

Muhammad: During the last three months of working I have done one Urdu drama series named Aye Zindage. I acted as Assistant Director for that particular program which is on air now on one of Pakistan’s leading entertainment channels Hum TV.  For my next project I will be heading to shoot at Kashmir Valley to start a new drama series I am not permitted to talk about. 

What were the company interested to see, when you were asked for an interview?

Muhammad: Firstly they really appreciated the fact that I had completed a quality degree abroad which is obviously not an easy task. Secondly they were interested in someone who knew much about production and other processes in order to support them in every department. I had learned almost all of these skills during my time at Teesside University while attending my Media Studies course. The course taught me everything I needed to know such as for example Script Writing, Research and Development, Production, Direction and  Sound Recording.

How was your time at Teesside University? Did you think the resources were useful for preparing people for a career in the industry?

Muhammad: I strongly believe that Teesside University is a well-organized, strong and bright organization for those who want to pursue a career in the media industry.

What advice would you give to your fellow Teesside University students who are looking to purse a similar career in the industry?

Muhammad: Practice makes everything perfect.  Always stay focused in what you are interested in order for you to further your career doing something you love.

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