Dylan Moran returns to Middlesbrough

Dylan Moran: Off The Hook Tour

Dylan Moran: Off The Hook Tour

THE FAMOUS stand up comedian and script writer Dylan Moran returns to Middlesbrough to perform his distinct brand of hilariously absurd comedy at Middlesbrough Town Hall this Friday.

The comedian who is perhaps best known for playing the character Bernard Black, in the BAFTA winning Channel 4 television series Black Books, is about to embark on his new UK tour ‘Off The Hook’ which will end in October of this year. The program Black Books which was written by Moran himself, portrayed Bernard Black as an apathetic, grumpy, drink sodden bookshop owner who is begrudgingly accompanied by his two equally strange but amusing friends Manny (Bill Bailey) and Fran (Tamsin Greig).

Moran’s character in the series is not a character worlds away from himself. A scruffy haired, world-weary Irishman forever holding a lit cigarette in one hand, and an ever present glass of wine in the other. The show became something of a cult comedy, adored by Dylan Moran fans alike, he also featured in Pegg and Frost’s Shaun of the Dead.

If there is one stand up comedy performance I’m personally unlikely to forget its Moran’s stand up performance ‘Monster’ recorded in his native Ireland, Dublin during 2004. The show which is available to buy on DVD, perfectly captures his highly cynical but hilarious outlook on life. The performance tainted with wine and cigarette smoke, bizarre anecdotes, and life experiences offers up a warm, cultured and perfectly unique comedy experience.

This will be the second time Dylan Moran has performed in Middlesbrough, his last performance took place during his 2009 ‘What It Is’ tour. I attended his previous life performance at Middlesbrough during that tour, an amazing performance it was, the best live stand-up comedy I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing to date.

Dylan Moran will perform this Friday the 24th of April at Middlesbrough Town Hall. For more information visit the online box office here.


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