Greece: A great destination for a Summer holiday.


Greece offers stunning beaches.

THE SUMMER is getting closer and many people are planning their vacations to get out of the daily routine, relax and meet new places.

The destinations which fit to summer holidays should be sunny and warm, with wonderful beaches, great nightlife, attractions and great places to relax.

A recent visit to Halkidiki make me feel confident to suggest it as a perfect destination for summer holidays.

Halkidiki is a peninsula in Greece, near Thessaloniki, is surrounded by the Aegean sea and it has wonderful weather and beaches.

It is located at the north east of Greece and it is famous as the three-fingered peninsula and each finger is named as Kassandra, Sithonia and Holy Athos.

Kassandra is known for the nightlife, Sithonia for the beaches and Holy Athos has the monasteries with monks where only men can visit it.

The first “finger”, Kassandra, has also great beaches, but it is more built-up with more residents than the other two “fingers” and that make it have more nightclubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, that’s why is more popular for the nightlife.

The most famous village on the first “finger” is Kallithea and it accepts thousands tourists each year from Cyprus, United Kingdom and other European countries near Greece.

Sithonia is thinly populated and it is a great place for camping, it has long beaches with clean water and is lovely especially for families.

Some of the things you can do at  Halkidiki are to rent a car to travel to all villages and beaches, do diving in the clean waters, eat at traditional Greek taverns, do boat tour which is travelling from Kassandra to Sithonia and swim at Xenias Beach.

It is a popular destination for the Eastern and Central Europe, it is a great place to relax and have unforgettable vacations with family, friends or a lover.

If you really like to swim or you like to spend your holiday days on the beach, you are going to love this place.

Some comments of a tourist were: “I had amazing holidays with my fiancee, it is a very romantic place and I would like to visit Halkidiki again.

“I stayed a few days in Kassandra and few in Sithonia, both places are special and with a car is easy to travel from the one place to the other”.




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